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At 17,075,400 square kilometres (6,592,800 sq mi) and with 142
million people, Russia is by far the largest country in the world,
covering more than one-eighth of the Earth’s land area, and ninthlargest by population
Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and
Judaism are Russia’s traditional
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour,
demolished during the Soviet period,
was reconstructed from 1990–2000
Leo Tolstoy
Russia's literary history dates
back to the 10th century and
by the early 19th century a
native tradition had emerged,
producing some of the greatest
writers of all time. This period
began with Alexander Pushkin,
considered to be the founder of
modern Russian literature and
often described as the "Russian
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Music in 19th century Russia was defined by the tension between classical composer
Mikhail Glinka and his followers, who embraced Russian national identity and added
religious and folk elements to their compositions, and the Russian Musical Society led by
composers Anton and Nikolay Rubinstein, which was musically conservative. The later
Romantic tradition of Tchaikovsky was brought into the 20th century by Sergei
Rachmaninoff, one of the last great champions of the Romantic style of European classical
The Moscow Kremlin and the Moskva River
Moscow is the capital of Russia,
and the country’s economic, financial,
educational, and transportation
centre. It is located on the Moskva
River in the Central Federal District,
in the European part of Russia.
Moscow is the largest city in Europe.
Historically, it was the capital of the
former Soviet Union and the Grand
Duchy of Moscow, the pre-Imperial
Russian state. It is the site of the
Kremlin, which now serves as the
ceremonial residence of the
President of Russia.
Ostankino Tower
Tretyakov Gallery
Arc d'Triumphe (Triumphal
Arch) on Kutuzov Avenue,
dedicated to victory over
Napoleon's army
Bolshoi theatre
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
The Moscow Zoo entrance