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EOC Review
Goal 6
Objective 6.01
• Which of the following served as
the model for the U.S. Congress?
a. Magna Carta
b. Parliament
c. Colonial town meetings
d.English Bill of Rights
• The philosophers Thomas
Hobbes, John Locke, and JeanJacques Rousseau are all
associated with which movement?
a. Enlightenment
b. Romanticism
c. Classicism
• Which statement describes
common law?
a. It is the basis of all statutes
b. It can be found in the U.S.
c. It is based on precedent
d.It is based on John Locke’s ideas
Objective 6.02
• Which type of law would a
federal agency issue to take an
unsafe toy off the market?
a. Criminal law
b. International law
c. Family law
d.Administrative law
• States have the LEAST authority
to pass statutes related to which
of the following?
a. Criminal law
b. County law
c. International law
d.Family law
Objective 6.03
• Where does a bill go after it is
a. To the governor
b. To the voters
c. To an agency
d.To a committee
• What is cloture used for?
a. To punish a legislator
b. To end a legislative session
c. To review a law’s
d.To end debate on a bill
Objective 6.04
• Which of the following is often used
to determine whether citizens are
informed about an issue?
a. Newspaper editorial
b. Open primary
c. Public opinion poll
d. Advertising campaign using
propaganda technique
• Which responsibility of citizenship
is fulfilled by attending public
a. Keeping informed
b. Voting
c. Respecting others’ rights
d.Helping the community
Objective 6.05
• What is a legislator's ability to
send mail to his or her
constituents for free called?
a. Press release
b. Franking privilege
c. Special task force
d.Freedom of speech
• A newspaper editorial criticizes a
U.S. senator for “talking a bill to
death.” What did the legislator
a. Engage in a filibuster
b. Vote for the bill
c. Call for a ballot initiative
d.Enforce the bill
Objective 6.06
• For whom do lobbyists typically
a. Legislators
b. Interest groups
c. Judges
d.Federal agencies
• Which of the following is the
LEAST common method lobbyists
use to try to influence public
a. Meeting individual voters
b. Donating money to political
c. Helping write legislation
d.Testifying at public hearings
• Which is an example of an
interest group?
a. School board
b. Labor union
c. City council
d.District court
Objective 6.07
• Which is an example of a federal
law enforcement agency?
a. Secret Service
b. Dept. of Education
c. Dept. of State
d.U.S. Army
• Which statement is true about
a. They are appointed by the
b. They are elected by the people
c. Their jurisdiction includes the
entire state
d.They serve for their lifetime
Objective 6.08
• Who has legal authority to decide
the sentence in many criminal
a. Defendant
b. Prosecutor
c. Attorney general
• Which statement is MOST applicable
to a person who is granted parole?
a. He or she must pay the cost of their
criminal trial
b. He or she must obey certain rules
and stay out of trouble
c. He or she will be eligible for early
release form prison if certain rules
are followed
d. He or she must go to rehab