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Welcome to Discovery
Woodmere Middle School
Discovery Program
Susan Suriano
Middle School
Talented & Gifted Students
Advanced academic abilities
Curious and inquisitive
Self motivated learner
Risk taker
Excels at analysis
Superior problem solver
Superior use of language
Enjoys complexity
Creative thinker
Leadership skills
~ Early adolescence is a time period of rapid
physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth ~
Program Goals
Provide opportunities for students to maximize their learning
Bring gifted students together in a homogeneous group
Promote higher level thinking skills
Encourage critical thinking and creative problem solving
Interdisciplinary curriculum
Coordinate and extend the regular classroom curriculum
Hands-on discovery
Creative Behaviors
Seeing things in new ways
Making connections
Challenging assumptions
Taking risks
Using opportunities
"Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as
everyone else and thinking something different."
~~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893 - 1986)
At Woodmere Middle School the Discovery Program
has two components:
~ A semester Discovery class is scheduled into
the student’s day in 6th and 7th grade.
~ A lunchtime Discovery lab class is also
available to all middle school Discovery
students throughout the year.
Discovery Lab
~ Students will be involved in interdisciplinary
interest group activities.
~ Curriculum is developed with the students and
is based on their interests.
Mock Trial
Independent Research
Detective Mysteries
Creative Writing
Rollercoaster physics
Egg drop contest
Science Experiments
DNA Workshop
Math Enrichment
Book Circles
Chess Tournament
Challenge Activities
Pen Pals
Grade 6 Curriculum
Logic Problems and Lateral Thinking
Challenge Activities
Math Problem Solving
Public Service Announcements
Japanese Cultural Study
Research and Presentation
Grade 7 Curriculum
Logic Problems and Lateral Thinking
Challenge Activities
Math Problem Solving
American History Research
Historical Fiction Writing
Multimedia Presentations