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Hitler’s Big Mistake
Standard 10.8.3
Standard 10.8.3
Identify and locate the Allied and Axis
powers on a map and discuss the major
turning points of the war, the principal
theaters of conflict, key strategic
decisions, and the resulting war
conferences and political resolutions,
with emphasis on the importance of
geographic factors.
Essential Question: What was Hitler’s
Big Mistake?
Failure in the West
Hitler Looks East
• Invasion of the U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union)
June 22, 1941
– Ended the Soviet-Nazi Non-Aggression Pact
– Same date Napoleon launched his disastrous
invasion of Russia in 1812
Germany Invades the Soviet Union
• Hitler NULLified the Nazi-Soviet Pact
• Began Operation Babarossa
– Wanted Raw Materials
– Wanted to end communism
• Unleashed Blitzkrieg
– 3 million Germans invaded
– Stalin unprepared
• Burned crops and destroyed factories
• Germans could not handle the Winter
– Thousands died
• Russia suffered appalling hardships
– Food Rations
Battle of Stalingrad Nov 1942
• Germans controlled 90% of city. Then
winter sets in!!!
• Soviets counterattacked, took back the
city, & went on the offensive, driving the
German army back
Not One Step Back!!!
January 24, 1943
"Surrender is forbidden. 6 Army will hold their
positions to the last man and the last round and by
their heroic endurance will make an unforgettable
contribution towards the establishment of a
defensive front and the salvation of the Western
Hitler's communication with von Paulus.
• Feb. 2, 1943~ 90,000 frostbitten, half-starved
German troops surrendered to the Soviets
Invasion of the U.S.S.R
• Opened up a twofront war for
• USSR join the Allied
side to fight Nazi
Concept Cube Project
Invasion of Poland
Fall of France
Battle of Britain
Italian and Ethiopian
• Pearl Harbor
• Final Solution
• D-Day
The Atomic Bomb
Operation Barbarossa
Spanish Civil War
Rise of Hitler
Nazi-Soviet Non
Aggression Pact
• Battle of Midway
• Rape of Nanjing
• Nuremburg Trials
Lecture 1-2 Quizlet
1. Why did France surrender? What happened?
2. What was the Dunkirk Miracle?
3. Who fought in the Battle of Britain? Where did
the fighting take place?
4. Describe the Blitz.
5. What was Operation Barbarossa?
6. What proved to be disastrous for the German
7. Whose team did the Soviet Union join when
they entered the war?