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World War II !!!!!!!!!
WWII Came At A Great Price
• Deadliest war in
• 50+ million lives
lost on all sides
• U.S. casualties =
400,000 dead;
700,000 wounded
Major Players: Allies
• Great Britain, France, U.S., Soviet
• Leaders:
• Great Britain = Churchill
• France = de Gaulle
• U.S. = F.D.R
• Soviet Union = Stalin
F.D.R. and Churchill
Stalin and DeGaulle
Major Players: Axis
• Germany, Italy, Japan
• Leaders:
• Germany: Hitler
• Italy: Mussolini
• Japan: Prince Fumimaro Konoye (resigns
1941) and General Hideki Tojo takes over
Hitler and Mussolini
Konoye and Tojo
World Events Leading to WWII
What is happening in the Soviet Union,
Japan, Germany and Italy?
Glad you asked…
U.S. Recognition of Soviet Union (1933)
• Since Bolshevik Revolution of 1917U.S. refused to recognize Soviets
because Soviets encouraged
communism in the world
• By 1933 = major economic problems
were found in Europe; Soviet Union
Less of threat
• However, the rising power of Japan
(Soviets rival in Asia) more threatening
F.D.R’s hopes…
• Hoped a strong Soviet Union could
slow Japanese expansion
• F.D.R. saw Soviets need for food and
industrial equipment as a market for
American goods
• Did little to increase trade or check
Japanese militarism
Japanese Expansion in the Pacific
• Japan seriously overcrowded
• It is an Island Nation (limited
• Needs larger markets for products and
more raw materials for factories
• Policy of expansion in the Pacific
Japan, continued..
• Japan bitter towards West since the
Washington Conference of 1921 cost
Japan most of its gains in China and
limited Japanese naval power
• U.S. joined other Western nations in
1924 in banning immigrants from
Japan continued…
• Sept. 1931, Japanese troops invaded
Manchuria in northeastern China
• League of nations demanded
Manchuria be returned to China &
Japan ignores order
Threats from Germany and Italy
• March 1933 German Parliament voted
Hitler the National Socialist (Nazi)
party leader
• Begins program of conquest in Central
and Eastern Europe
• In Italy, Mussolini made similar plans
to control the Mediterranean and
expand Italy’s empire into North Africa
• Mussolini and Hitler followed fascism:
form of government in which a dictator
and supporters cooperate to seek more
power for their nation, usually at the
expense of rights for individuals
• Hitler and Mussolini established a
totalitarian state: nation that totally
controls the life of its people
• Mussolini and Hitler got support with
rallies, parades, music, racial hatred,
national pride and used force to silence
all opposition
• Blamed Italy’s communists of causing
strikes and social unrest
• Blamed Jews, restricted Jews,
boycotted Jewish owned stores,
destroyed synagogues
Time Line
• 1935: Mussolini attacked and took
control of Ethiopia
• 1937: Japanese armies invaded the
rest of China
• 1938 (March) Hitler marched into
Austria (begins aggression)
WWII; How did it all begin?
• Began September 1939, when Britain
and France, in response to extensive
German aggression, declared war on
• Most Americans opposed to becoming
• After the fall of France in 1940, U.S.
began to give material help to Great
• F.D.R. re-elected to 3rd term in 1940
Watching Germany Army enter Paris
Nazi troops arresting Jews in Warsaw
German troops marching through Poland
Concentration camp photos
Concentration camp photos