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Computer Science and Engineering
The University of North Texas
Why Study CSE?
• Some of the Highest Paid
• We need more engineers!
UNT CSE – 40 Years
• Then…
– Founded with 2 Faculty
– Fall of 1971
• Now…
– Accredited program since 1986
– 22 full time faculty
– 1000 Students
Degrees Offered
• Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
– 123 Total Hours
– 22 Hours of Mathematics starting at Calculus 1
• Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
– 123 Total Hours
– 16 Hours of Mathematics starting at Calculus 1
• Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology
– 121 Total Hours
– 10 Hours of Mathematics (Cal 1, Probability, Discrete)
Computer Engineering
• More hardware oriented
• More physics and math courses
Cell phones and PDAs
Embedded Systems
Biomedical Devices
• Computer Engineering Tracks
Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Computer Science
• More software oriented
• More programming courses
Game Programming
Information Security
Database Design
Artificial Intelligence
Information Technology
• Bachelor of Arts Degree
• What the ‘IT Person’ does – everything
– Database management, programming
– Security, project management, web-dev
• 18 hour Supporting Area
– Very flexible
– Information Security
– Pre-Law
– Pre-MBA
– Game Development
– Computer Animation
Not Sure?
• Coursework is almost identical for the
first year
• Computer Science 1 – Java
• Computer Science 2 – Java
• Computer Science 3 – C++
What This Isn’t
• Video game testing
• An easy degree
• If you don’t enjoy math
and solving puzzles,
you will struggle
Mathematics Requirements
• If you place into Math 1010
(Fundamentals of Algebra)…
• You have 1½ years of math
classes before you begin the
math classes for your major
Research, Teaching & Labs
Software Engineering
• Begins with CSCE 1030 / 1040
• An Introduction to Object Oriented
Programming in Java
– Representing the World through Software Objects
– Programming With Intelligent Agents
Software Engineering
• The CSCE 1040 Tank War
• Program Your Player’s Artificial Intelligence
– When to Move, Attack, Drop Mines and Pillage
the Enemy Base
– All Programs Do Battle in a Tournament
– Last Tank Alive Wins Prizes
Wireless Computing & Security
• Investigating Security Vulnerabilities
in Wireless Protocols
– Impersonation
– Eavesdropping
Game Programming
• Laboratory for Recreational Computing (LARC)
1:15 AM
Game Demo
Game Programming
• Create a game in collaboration with
game art students
• Demo it before industry reps and
– Game Company Recruiters
– Ritual Entertainment
– Terminal Reality
Natural Language Processing
• Language and Information Technologies
(LIT Lab)
– Machine Learning applied to NLP and
Information Retrieval
– Multi-lingual text processing
– Story telling and understanding
– Intelligent Information Retrieval
– All the things
Computer Security
• Mission:
– Increase general security awareness
– Produce skilled security specialists
– Conduct research to advance the state of
the art in computer security
• Facilities include a safe environment for
experimenting with potentially
dangerous software
Computer Security
• UNT has received NSA certification for
Computer Security courses
• Topics covered:
– Cryptography
– Intrusion Detection
– Mobile Agent Security
– E-Commerce Security
Computer Architecture
• Computer Systems Research Lab
– Uses advanced hardware and software
design tools to achieve:
• Better performance
• Lower power requirements
• Equipment that is less expensive to
• Example: Speculative Execution
– Trying to guess what the computer will
need in the future to speed access
Computer Architecture
• Intelligent Memory Devices (IRAM)
– Processing unit embedded in the memory
• Embedded Computing
– New devices
– Stringent power requirements
• VLSI Design and CAD Lab
• Preparing the next generation tools to
produce nanometer circuits
• Considering physical phenomena such as
cross-talk and interconnect delays, while
reducing power requirements.
Other Research Areas
• Databases, Data Mining
– Extracting exactly what you want from
massive amounts of information
• Compilers
• Geometric Computing and Graphs
– Geometric Computation Lab
• Networking
– Network Research Lab
• Work on State of the Art Projects as an
– Assist the Faculty in Funded Research
– Participate in Industry Co-operatives
– CSCE 4890 Directed Study
Friday Research Seminars
• Faculty and students presenting their
• From UNT and beyond
Engineering Events
• Boosting Engineering, Science and
Technology (BEST) Robotics Competition
• Engineering Week
• Over 1,300 companies University-wide
• Well paid, topical, supervised positions
• Full time jobs offered to 75-80% of students
with 2 or more semesters at a company
• On-site office at Discovery Park
Society Membership
Society of Women Engineers
IEEE Computer Society
Association of Computing Machinery
Eta Kappa Nu – Engineering Honors
Upsilon Pi Epsilon – Computing Honors
Discovery Park
• Study in the New 553,000 Square Foot
Discovery Park
• Home to the UNT College of
• Cyviz Visualization Wall
• Mac and PC General Access Labs
• An ADM-3A
300 bits per second!
Discovery Park
• Discovery Park Library, General Access Labs,
Dining Services, Study Areas
Discovery Park Shuttle
Just North of UNT Campus in Denton
For more information: