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Racing For Revenue Presentation
About JOMAC Racing
JOMAC Racing was founded when business veteran Rich Jones, President of JOMAC ltd.,
sought after the challenge of engineering a new race team. Jones has built JOMAC Racing
on the same principles that have led JOMAC ltd to be the leader for the past 30-years in
manufacturing and construction of aluminum service truck bodies and cranes. Technology
and Quality have been the drivers of success. JOMAC Racing is always seeking the latest
technologies and innovations, while demanding perfection in the team’s workmanship from
the race shop to the checkered flag.
JOMAC Racing is an experienced and dedicated team of people that share a passion for
racing and a deep understanding that fans and sponsors are what keep our wheels turning.
From our shop personnel and marketing team to the drivers who pilot the racecars to the
finish line, we strive to be the best. JOMAC Racing takes pride in our professionalism,
mixed with a fun family atmosphere that keeps the team winning on and off track.
About GRAND-AM Road Racing
The Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge features sports cars from
manufacturers worldwide, straight from the showroom floor, modified for safety
and performance, creating tremendous side-by-side racing action. The cars
generate over 400 horsepower, which equates to speeds in excess of 160mph.
This class includes BMW M3, Chevy Camaro, and Ford Mustangs, among
The series travels with GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series and has
companion events with other motorsports properties including NASCAR
Nationwide series and IZOD IndyCar Series. The Continental Tire Sports Car
Challenge also races on some of the most prestigious tracks in North America
including Daytona International Speedway, Watkins Glen International and
coming in 2012 Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Race Tracks - Markets
Central Florida
including GA, AL
Southern Florida
Southeast /AL, MS,
Virginia including TN,
New England including,
Northeast including NY,
Northeast including NJ,
Upper Midwest inc.
Northern California
including. OR, WA, NV
Midwest including
2012 Indianapolis
In 2012 JOMAC Racing will be
participating in the first-ever 4race weekend at the famed
Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
The event will contain GRANDAM Sports Car Racing in
addition to NASCAR’s top 2
series. Several hundred
thousand are expected to attend
this inaugural weekend event.
Welcome to Racing 4 Revenue
Measurable Motorsports Marketing
Motorsports Marketing has become much more than just a car going around the track. Sponsors are
taking advantage of large returns from strategic marketing programs on and off track. A program can be
tailored to layer in with your marketing and business development strategy. Racing is merely the platform
not the basis for sales growth.
Successful Motorsports Marketing can provide:
Gauge your Return on Investment!
Experiential Branding Program
Business to Business Development
Employee Morale & Team Building
 Vendor/Dealer Participation
Media Campaigns
Cause Marketing Engagement
Track your Speed of Sales!
Partnership Program
JOMAC Racing has developed a strategic
Partnership Program that provides a
powerful day of business networking and
development opportunities.
As an integral part of the Partnership
Program you will have the opportunity to
network with other leading businesses all
while enjoying a unique opportunity to get
behind the scenes of a professional
racing team and get up close and
personal with all the action.
Forget those boring and impossible to get
lunch meetings! Get your clients and
prospects attention for a full day in a fun
and exciting environment that is proven to
build and strengthen relationships.
 Add New Clients/Dealers
 Incentive Current Client/Dealers
 Offer Highly Valued Event
 Be different than Your Competitors
 Build Lasting Relationships
Employee Participation
Employees are an important part of any
company. In each race market an event
can be developed to include meet and
greets with driver, race pit tours, special
hospitality events and other employee
appreciation events. Employees will have
the opportunity to participate with your
company in an exciting and unforgettable
environment boosting morale, team
building and company loyalty.
Experiential Marketing
Show-car Programs and Driver Appearances draw crowds to your product or service. Innovative
displays, contests and cause marketing will motivate sales staff and spark consumers to interact and
make a deeper connection with your brand, adding to increased sales and product awareness!
JOMAC Racing can provide a show car for your store front, special event, trade show and more!
Enable the consumer to “experience” the brand and
see, touch, and feel the character of your brand.
Consumers will “test drive” the brand emotionally and
rationally bringing the brand to life!
Creates a sensory environment and loyalty that
engages the consumer in a memorable experience.
Fan Interaction
Tracks draw thousands of people to your products.
Unlike stick and ball sports race fans often spend several
days at the track or arrive 5-7 hours before the event. As
a tradition fans walk the interactive vendor row areas and
pit areas before race events.
Cause Marketing
In a recent survey of American Buyers, 83% of consumers feel companies should be
supporting a charity. 87% stated they are more likely to support a brand attached to charity
over a competitor that is not. By linking your brand to a charity you can boost business
while giving back. JOMAC Racing can help you get your message out by developing a
cause marketing aspect to your program that drives media coverage, highlights your brand
as a good corporate citizen and supports a cause you care about.
Online Marketing
Take your marketing off-track and online!
A website splash page can be created and
connected to your existing website
The racing themed website can be used
for several marketing programs and
becomes a driver back to your main
company page.
-Special Coupons and Discounts
-Photos of your car and driver
-Race and Company news
-Company message
-Raise Traffic
-YouTube updates and race footage
Backed by 25-Years in Business
JOMAC has been a leading manufacturer of aluminum service truck bodies and cranes for
30+ years. At JOMAC our mission is to help our customers with effective and efficient
solutions. As a 30+ year veteran of the industry, Owner and President Rich Jones of
JOMAC LTD and JOMAC Racing understands the challenges of business. Jones has
helped revolutionize the service truck bodies and cranes industry.
JOMAC has a long list of highly positive customer testimonials that showcase JOMAC and
its employees. They take tremendous pride in building quality long lasting products. As a
marketing partner of JOMAC Racing you’ll be joining a group that understands your
business challenges.
Thank you for your time. We look forward to talking
further and building your Motorsports Marketing
Let’s get on the road to Racing 4 Revenue!
“I have been a Deputy Sheriff, Business owner, Construction worker, and
Drive race cars, by far the most dangerous thing I have done is be a business
owner. We look forward to working with you to grow your business through our
powerful Motorsports Marketing platform.”
Rich Jones, President JOMAC ltd. & JOMAC Racing