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cMBA Marketing Talent Development
Develop Marketing
Year 1
Sales Rotation (~9-12
Develop Leadership
Marketing Academy
Goal is for inexperienced marketers to gain:
• Understanding of Customer Insights
• Marketing Process Awareness/Discipline
• Practical Experience With 2 of 3 Key Customer Segments
24 month experience comprised of:
• Brand Teams (Global and US)
• Market Research (Global or US)
• Agency Workshops
Year 2
Year 3
Marketing Academy: Two, six-month experiences
followed by a Core Marketing Role
Lilly Leadership Development Program (LLDP)
Lilly Leadership Development Program (LLDP)
• LLDP is a structured corporate initiative to designed to engage,
develop and motivate highly talent individuals who join Lilly from
select Business Schools.
• The purpose of the LLDP is to accelerate career development of
high potential leaders.