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“Genius is one percent inspiration and
ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
Had only three months of formal
schooling. At 14 went deaf in his left
ear. At 15, served in the army during
the Civil War as a telegrapher.
Wanted to be an actor, nearly penniless in New York, he
fixed a machine for a business and began making his fortune.
1874 First laboratory – moved to Menlo Park , NJ in 1876
1877 Phonograph
1879Light bulb
1887 Had largest scientific lab in the world
1888 – 1903 Vitascope and kinetoscope led to
first attempt at blending motion pictures with
The Great Train Robbery was
produced in 1903 by Edison.
Received his last U.S. patent (1,093)
at the age of83. Died at 84.
Alexander Graham Bell
Teacher of the deaf, invented the
electronic speech machine (telephone) in
Worked with Edison to perfect it.
Guglielmo Marconi
Italian, used knowledge of sound waves
to create first radio in 1895.
Also allowed wireless telegraph (used in
The Automobile
Initially developed by Daimler,
Benz and others, Henry Ford
perfected the assembly line and
the production of automobiles
that made them available to the
masses. His first car was the
Model T.
Karl Benz
Henry Ford
Orville and Wilbur Wright
Bicycle mechanics, tinkerers, built
and tested numerous possibilities.
First successful flight of an airplane
in 1903 (Kitty Hawk, NC)
Louis Pasteur
French chemist – discovered heat killed
bacteria. Developed a process later
called Pasteurization, which made milk
much safer to drink.
Also invented a vaccine for
anthrax and rabies.
Joseph Lister
Realized the meaning of Pasteur’s
work and made his surgical wards
use germ-killing liquids. More
patients survived – other hospitals
followed his ideas.
Charles Darwin
English Naturalist and Biologist Developed
ideas that all living species evolve over time.
Very controversial, called
Theory of Evolution,
includes other ideas such as
natural selection.
Edward Jenner
Edward Jenner inoculates a boy with
cowpox. After he recovers from the
infection, Jenner inoculates him with
smallpox, but the boy remains healthy.
Vaccination is born – 1796.