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18th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging
Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical
December 9 – 12, 2010
Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Successful healing and anti - aging with
specific low frequency
Electro Magnetic fields.
Wolf-Dieter Kessler MD, PhD
Spectroscopy and Specificity
Light travels in packages
Cyanobacteria -- Blue green algae
one molecule of the pigment chlorophyll absorbs
one photon and loses one electron allowing the
start of a flow of electrons that leads to NADPH.
ATP is built and organic sugars are created with
carbon dioxyde and water
Program 39:
Circulation frequencies
Spleen/pancreas frequencies
Stomach frequencies
Hormonal (Triple warmer) frequencies
Tunnel effect
It is affecting
the bladder, prostate
hormonal status including erectile
brain alertness, lungs, headache
Numerous health disorders can be successfully
improved by specific pulsing em fields
Brain disorders
Any infections/parasites
Eye problems
Cancer (much better tolerance of
Back problems
Bone healing /non jointed bone fractures
Erectile dysfunctions
Schematic representation of quantum tunnelling
through a barrier. The energy of the tunneled
particle is the same, only the quantum amplitude
(and hence the probability of the process) is
Schrödinger‘s wave-equation
The tunnel effect in quantum mechanics:
All wave equations exhibit evanescent
wave coupling effects if the conditions
are right.
Anti aging , antioxydants and free
With permission of James Oschman PhD
Von Fraunhofer in 1800
Photon absorption:
Fraunhofer lines of solar spectrum
Each tissue is very specific
Has a specific Larmor spin
Can be contrasted in the MRI
Guidance for the therapist
Where to go
(Main Focus)
How to treat
(Frequency Field)
What to treat (Microorganisms)
Field Intensity, Field Strength
50 – 500 Gaus
5 – 50 milli Tesla
Field intensities used in medicine:
1.5 – 4.5 Tesla
Shock therapy in psychiatry
2 Tesla
Specific pulsing em fields produce specific
photons in the aging tissue through nuclear
magnetic resonance
Gilbert Newton Lewis, 1875 -1946
named light quanta “photons”
Why specific?
Hydrogens of different tissues have
different spins
Dielectric constant (kappa)
Tissue in pain is emitting less photons. Dead cells
do not emit photons
What happens if the number of cellular photons
reaches a critical low number?
Biophoton Emisson from Leaf
Professor Fritz-Alfred Popp
Myungshik Kim and Marco Bellini
Istituto Nazionale di Ottica Applicata
Florence, Italy
European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy
Subtracting one photon from the light field
Specific pulsing em fields
cause a dramatic pain relief in patients with severe
osteoporosis. People become motile again .
How does this work?
Spinning hydrogen atoms of our tissues and
University of Boulder, Colorado
Photon emission and focus
University of Boulder Colorado
spin is a fundamental characteristic property of
elementary particles
in particle physics and quantum physics
One can exert a kind of “torque" on an electron
or (hydrogen) by putting it in a magnetic field
(the field acts upon the electron's intrinsic
magnetic dipole moment. The result is that the
spin vector undergoes precession, just like a
classical gyroscope.
Any nucleus that contains an odd number of
protons and/or of neutrons has an intrinsic
magnetic moment and angular momentum, in
other words a spin > 0.
The magnetic moment of a system is a measure of
the magnitude and the direction of its magnetism.
For example, a loop of electric current, a bar
magnet, an electron, a molecule, and a planet all
have their own magnetic moments.
Magnetic moment usually refers to its magnetic
dipole moment, and quantifies the contribution of
the system's internal magnetism to the external
dipolar magnetic field produced by the system
The energy to put life in order comes from
photons. It is the photon pump which condenses
photons to laser like light. The process is based on
resonance. Like spectra are attracted
by like spectra.Like photons are attracted by like
Erwin Schrödinger
Nobel Prize in Physics 1933
In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system
to oscillate at maximum amplitude at certain
Photons are attracted to any protein, DNA site,
molecule, electron if their spectral waves match
that one of the protein or electron. Matching
means resonance takes place and sublte
energies would build up enormous energies
needed to dynamise aging or ailing tissues or to
build up food.
Left: Energie level diagram of the ground and excited states of chlorophyll a and β -carotene.
Right: Two-Photon excitation spectroscopy (red line with red dots) enables the
measurement of spectra of the carotenoid dark state within intact pigment-protein
complexes. The example shows spectra of Photosystem I:
Absorption spectrum (green line), Fluorescence spectrum (black line) and the
already mentioned two-photon excitation spectrum (red line). For details see M.
Hilbert, A. Wehling, E. Schlodder and P. J. Walla
Steroid receptors are zinc finger proteins
Photolyases are DNA repair enzymes that repair
damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light.
This enzyme mechanism requires visible light,
preferentially from the violet/blue end of the
spectrum, and is known as photoreactivation.
Fundamental chemical law
In order to activate the receptor protein, it
must be excited
În the living matrix this is done by Photon
Resonance with the protein
The idea that energy within a living system may be
transported within semiconductive bands of
proteins was suggested by SZENT-GYÖRGYI in
Living cells are emitting light
Living cells absorb light
Professor Fritz Popp, Germany
Very weak electromagnetic fields at the
appropriate frequencies can be as effective, or
even better, than other approaches for reducing
inflammation, counteracting diseases, and
enhancing longevity. The mechanism involves
resonance, the process by which a field of a
particular frequency or wavelength can transfer
vibrational energy to an object.
Clinical applications of electromagnetic
resonance have the advantage that they can act
at a distance using tiny fields that excite or
energize natural processes taking place deep
within the body.
James Oschman, PhD
Specific Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields
(SPEMF) adjust treatment to the individual
patient and the process can take place in the
Main Focus Area
The question is:
Which mechanism produces photons which
match ailing tssue structures?
You select the resonating pemf by a simple pulse
Then nuclear magnetic resonance takes place
and activates photons which match the spectra
of the ailing tissue
Find the ailing tissues
Tell us where to treat
Tell us how to treat
Based on Resonance
Kernspintomograph (MRT)
The Facts
Behind a Successful Medical Clinic
Specific pulsing electromagnetic fields
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Thank you, Rolf Binder
Cheers to Rolf Binder