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Sample vs Population
comparing mean and
standard deviations
MM2D1d Compare the means and standard deviations of
random samples with the corresponding population
parameters, including those population parameters for
normal distributions. Observe that the different sample
means vary from one sample to the next. Observe that the
distribution of the sample means has less variability than the
population distribution.
Sample vs Population
Means and Standard Deviations
Let’s watch…
Sample vs. Population
Sample mean- average of the sample
Population mean-average of everything
(given, not calculated)
Sample vs. Population
Random 1
The sample means are
higher than the population
Standard Deviation-2.44
Random 2
Standard Deviation-2.58
The sample standard
deviations are lower than the
population standard
Sample vs. Population
For a large population, the mean is 13.7 and the
standard deviation is about 8.9. Compare the
mean and standard deviation of the random
sample to the population parameters.
19, 8, 12, 17, 16, 25, 5, 18, 21, 7
Standard Deviation-6.23
The mean is larger and the standard deviation is
Sample vs. Population
Pgae 275 (1-11)