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By: Shae Dashae Mitchell
Place to stay
• The Moreno Hotel in Buenos Aires Argentia .
• Argentina is a land that prides itself as home to pristine beaches,
rolling lush landscapes and the amorous dance, known as the
Tango. It is the second largest country in South America and lies
in the southern part. There are vast mineral resources due to
which the economy has flourished. The Andes Mountains that
dominate the western region form a rugged frontier between
Chile and Argentina. Argentina is home to Pantagonia Desert that
lies in the far south and is a vast, ice-cold expanse of windswept
rocks. Argentina’s southern Andes peaks and Pantagonian glaciers
have snow all the year round. The northern Argentina is hotter.
Argentina has been considered as the largest Spanish-speaking
country in the world in terms of its land area.
The Way of Travel
• LAN Airlines
• Cost of Trip 1,520.30
1 Historical Site in Argentia
The flag Memorial is the most historical thing to see
in Buenos Aires Argentia.