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Weathering and
Mr Boland
What are the differences between the
the two sets of mountains. Why are
they like this?
The reason that the Irish mountains are
smaller are because they are constantly
been worn away (denuded) by the forces
of weathering and erosion.
 Denudation is carried out by both
weathering and erosion.
 The
breaking down of rocks that
are exposed to the
Can be:
1. Mechanical Weathering.
2. Chemical Weathering.
 Breaking
up of rocks into smaller
parts by
1. Frost
2. Sudden Temperature Changes
3. Plants & Animals
Causes rocks to be dissolved by
- Rain
What have
these three
pictures got in
Involves the breaking down of rock by the
force of:
1. Moving Water (River & Sea)
2. Moving Air (Wind)
3. Moving Ice (Glaciers)
-These rocks are carried & eventually
dropped elsewhere.