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HRSC mosaic with HRSC nadir & color images
Small valleys in the
southern part of the
Long/lat: 341.15E, 23.85N
Sediments deposited in this partly
filled valley may be of utmost interest
in the concentration and preservation
of possible organic matter.
Morphology & mineralogy:
The two valleys are partly filled by the
dark capping unit and dark dunes,
they follow the steepest slope of the
present topography, and may be two
separated remnants of a single ancient
The valleys seem to have cut the Alphyllosilicate bearing rocks.
MSL tasks: At large scale, seek
possible fluvial sediments exposed in
the valleys. At small scale, study the
grain structure, the mineralogy and
chemistry of the rocks on valley floors.
1 km
HiRISE mosaic with HiRISE color images
1 km
HiRISE mosaic with HiRISE color images
1 km
HiRISE mosaic with HRSC DEM
Valleys go from the highest part to the lowest part of this area, they may have been one single
valley, cut by erosion and/or deposits.