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By Sarah
Everglades National Park
• Region-Southeast
• State-Florida
• Capital-Tallahassee
• Longitude-80.94°W
• Latitude-25.31°N
• There were lots of cultures that went to the Everglades
• American Indians were the first people to come to the
In the early 1500s Spanish explorers came to Florida
looking for gold
Marjory Stoneman Douglas was one of the first people to
see the need to protect the area
Dry season
The Everglades is made up of one landform
Everglades is a flat land that is called grasslands
Pa-grassy hay-okee is what Indians called waters
Limestone rocks make up the ground in the Everglades
• The Everglades biggest problem is loss of water
• The canals also change the water flow from like
okeechobee to the everglades
A canal system is a draing the water from the area
The water loss is changing the parts ecosystem
River of grass
Rocks and minerals
• Rocks and minerals found in Everglades national park date back
millon of years ago
• Millon of years ago glaciers caved most of North America and
• The resuling spherical grains of limestone are called ooids
• Shells, mud and sand hardened at the bottom of the ocean and
formed limestone. Above this layer are the wetlands and grassland
that make up the everglades.