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Mountain Building
By :
Thais , Jahod , Nick , and Dennisja
Folded Mountains
The Folded Mountains form when rock layers are
squeezed together , and pushed upward.
An example of a Folded Mountain range that
formed at a convergent boundary.
Other examples of mountain ranges that consist
of very and complex folds are the Alps in central
Europe , the Ural Mountains in Russia , and the
Fault-Block Mountains
Fault-Block Mountains forms when this tensions
causes large blocks of the Earths crust to drop
down relative to other blocks .
 When sedimentary rock layers are tilting up by
faulting , they can produce mountains that have
sharp , jagged peaks .
 For example , the Tentons in western Wyoming
are a spectacular of the Fault-blocking
Volcanic Mountains
Volcanic Mountains are rocks that is melted in
subduction zones form magma , which rises to the
Earths surface and erupts .
 Volcanic Mountains can also form under the sea,
which sometimes rises above the ocean surface to
become islands/land .
 Volcanic Mountains on the Earth have formed
around the tectonically active rim of the Pacific