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The Rock Cycle
Igneous Rock
Forms when hot, liquid rock cools
and solidifies
The time it takes for
magma to cool determines
the texture of the rock
Sedimentary Rock
forms at or near the Earth’s
surface without the heat or
pressure that are required for
metamorphic or igneous rock
most noticeable feature of
sedimentary rock is its strata
(layers), or stratification
classified by the way it forms.
Metamorphic rock
Meta – changed
Contact metamorphism –
occurs near igneous
Regional metamorphism –
occurs deep below Earth’s
surface or when large pieces
of Earth’s crust collide
these rocks are found
beneath most continental
rock formations.
morphic - shape
Composition of
Metamorphic Rock
index minerals – form at certain
temperatures and pressures.
Two textures
foliated – mineral grains
are arranged in bands,
or planes
non-foliated – NOT arranged
in bands, or planes
Igneous rock forms when ______________________.
Describe the rock cycle and give an example of how a rock
could change from one type of rock to another type of rock.