Download The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques March 17 th

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The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques
March 17th 2017
Calgary, Alberta
Are you a therapist looking to expand your
therapeutic techniques?
More information
$230.00 (early bird Feb 20th 2017)
Anxiety is a normal human emotion but it can run out of
control and become ruminative worry that ruins the
capacity for joy. Panic can fill people with terror and put
them on the alert to avert any possible chance of an attack.
Social fears keep people from fulfilling their potential and
from fully participating in life. These three major
categories of anxiety are life changing — and they can be
changed! People can learn to control their symptoms to
become free from their debilitating effects. By using the
brain to change an anxious brain, the causes of anxiety are
modified and even eliminated for full recovery.
In this workshop, participants will learn 10 methods that
will help clients calm their minds and diminish physical,
cognitive, and behavioral symptoms of anxiety. Dr.
Wehrenberg will present methods that really work to
eliminate panic, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety
disorder. Addressing the physiology, cognition, and
behavioral signs of anxiety, she will show you how to help
your clients take control of their anxiety. Participants will
leave this workshop ready to apply effective methods to
provide prompt, effective relief of symptoms.
Margaret Wehrenberg, PsyD
is a licensed
clinical psychologist with a clinical practice is in
Naperville, IL. She is the author of 8 books on testing
anxiety and depression, including the best-selling The
10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques (and
its accompanying workbook). Her most recent book
intended for the therapists to be published is Tough to
Treat Anxiety (2017). She is a frequent contributor to
the award-winning Psychotherapy Networker
magazine. She blogs for Psychology Today, and
speaks internationally on topics of clinical
psychotherapy. She is noted for her down-to-earth,
pragmatic teaching style.
For more information, please visit
or on Facebook,
go to Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg
or follow her on Twitter at @drpegwehrenberg.
You will learn —
• Anxiety management techniques suited to children
and well as adults and useful in every clinical
• What the science of memory consolidation teaches
about resolving panic or social anxiety and how to
create effective treatment based on it.
• How to identify panic triggers and desensitize them
to avert panic attacks
• Specific powerful techniques to stop the rumination
of the worried brain that marks generalized anxiety
• Effective ways to deal with perfectionism and
excessive activity that hallmark generalized anxiety
disorder in highly active people
• How to apply principles of defeating fear and
making positive change for people with social
anxiety disorder