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The volcano of Thera
The eruption!
When: The eruption occurred in the
late 17th century BCE.
The eruption!!
This eruption was sooo big, that it
destroyed most of the island of Thera.
It even destroyed most of the Minoan
civilization, on the island of Thera. This
eruption even destroyed some
communities and agricultural areas on
the nearby islands!
The eruption!!!
Just like the Indonesian eruption, the
eruption did cause a climate change,
just not as big. The climate change
was all around the eastern
Mediterranean region.
The eruption!!!!
This eruption was so big that there has
been evidence found that the eruption
has effected the growth of crops in
What are Minoans?
Minoans are the people who lived
thousand and thousands of years ago.
They lived in the island of Thera (now
called Santorini) and in the island of
Crete (another island in Greece)
Did the Minoans escape this
No, there was no way that the Minoans
could have escaped. There was
supposed to be life boats to save them
from the eruption. But they didn’t come
,it was to risky for them.
What happened to Thera since
this eruption?
This eruption was soo big that the
island of Thera is formed to a shape of
a half moon.
Did the eruption destroy every
The eruption pretty much destroyed
everything,but after a while of looking
people found a whole city burred under
neath the ash! Now it’s a great tourist
attraction. Its amazing how they found
a whole city in my opinion!
The end!
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