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WS 6 - GBIF-Workshop
Wolfgang Kiessling
• The Global Biodiversity Information Facility
– Facilitate free and open access to biodiversity
data worldwide, via the Internet, to underpin
sustainable development
– Biggest portal on biodiversity data on the web
– Used by conservation biologists, climate
change ecologists, and others
Occurrence Data Now and Then
271 Mill.
Occurrence counts per 1° grid
1.1 Mill.
Closing the Gap
• Increase awareness in the palaeo
• Enhance data sharing philosophy
• Educate the people
• Include museum and university
• Enhance visibility of palaeo data by
specific tools
• Global Change Biology
• Why we need Paleobiology
• Current projects in SP3
– Climate change and range shifts
– Climate change and ocean acidification
in deep time
– Predicting extinction
• The future