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FIRE – Status
• FIRE offering – draft service portfolio
– By FIA Prague
• FIRE expert group is working on a white paper
– First public draft version by FIA Prague
• Draft FIRE overall architecture under discussion
– Put testbeds and FIRE facility into a global context
(incl. National Initiatives, GENI, etc.)
– An agreed FIRE version by FIA Prague
Vision for Future Internet
based on a scenario
Emotional Web
• Started from linking machines via Internet
• Followed by linking information via the
• Now we are linking both people and things
with social networking and Internet of
• Internet is good to convey thoughts
through messages with words, images and
– E.g. attach an image to an incoming call
• Not effective to convey our feelings
compared to what humans are used to do
through live, direct, communication
• Imagine the Future Internet is able to feel your
feelings and respond in a ubiquitous way to:
– cheer you when you feel unhappy
– help you discover when you feel curious
– keep you company and help you meet other people
when you feel lonely
• Feel through the Web whether the people in our
neighborhood, city, country, society, feel anxious,
cheerful, worried, …
• Enable the Future Internet through the
necessary technology evolution, to convey
better - whenever and to whomever we
want - our emotional status as if we were in
direct, live, face-to-face communication
• Enable efficient ways for a human-internet
– explore how humans themselves can be the extended
senses of the internet
• vs. Internet of things (sensors or others) being the extended
senses of humans
• Can we test this scenario?
– If yes, then how?
– What disciplines are involved?
– How do the experimental environment look like?
• Possible ethical / privacy questions
– Pervasive objects
• Hyper personalization : a bad or good idea?
– Perception / emotion
• Neurosciences impact on interfaces and usages
Possible contributing areas
Semantic web
Internet of things
Virtual Presence
Social networking
Living Labs
Some references
Vision for Future Internet
based on a scenario
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency / climate change
• There exist best practices on how to develop
and design systems with energy efficiency in
mind  e.g. ETSI
• Focus group on ICTs and climate change 
established by ITU-T/TSAG in July 2008
• Ongoing work in several inititatives
Profiling devices for energy management purposes
Status monitoring
Standby management
Grid management
 Internet of Energy
Internet of Energy
Source: [email protected] ref. in brochure of German federal ministry of Economics and Technology
Questions related to testbeds
• What are the energy efficiency metrics?
– E.g. energy efficiency per function attained
– What are the functions?
• We can measure that on the elements
level, but how to assess it on the system
• How would testbeds for energy efficiency
look like?