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Balancing between freedom and responsibility
Victoria W. Thoresen
PERL project manager
-using the limited resources of the world more carefully
-choosing between existing paths of development
contributing to the creation of different
approaches, new paradigms and broader
definitions of growth and prosperity
1. Reticence to recognize that values and
ethics form the foundation for responsible
living, for consumer citizenship, for the
responses that are needed in face of
climate change and social inequity
2. Unwillingness on the part of many
researchers, educators and policy makers
to focus on the intricate inter-linkages
and interrelatedness of climate change
and development issues
3. Doubt that creativity coupled with
solidarity can provide the future with
viable alternatives to the ways we live
4. Fear that education for
sustainable consumption might
usurp or undermine education for
sustainable development
Those with true vision are those who not only see the
mountain, but also what is behind it.
scientific investigation
an active social learning process
“…learning which flows naturally into direct community engagement.
An exercise in anticipatory democracy”
Life Cycle Analysis
Social life cycle assessment
Life quality analysis
Macro-structural changes
(international agreements and standards, national policies,
taxes ,laws, controls, etc )
Infra-structural changes
(local policies, resources, curricula)
Collaboration and co-operation
(across disciplines, between
producers and consumers,
within communities)
Identification of fundamental principles
Examples of social innovation
Collective and individual encouragement
 create online communication platforms
 share examples of social innovation
 develop toolkits for active learning about ESC
 make videos and other teaching materials
 promote regional networks and relevant projects
 prepare and implement think tanks, seminars,
workshops and conferences…..
Balancing between freedom and responsibility
Freedom to express oneself (where and when hindrances no
longer exist)
Freedom of choice (when there are things to choose from)
Freedom from social and economic injustice
Balancing between freedom and responsibility
Responsibility to others,
Responsibility towards Nature,
Responsibility for the generations of the future
Mahatma Gandhi preached about seven “social sins”:
Politics without principles
Commerce without morality
Wealth without work
Education without character
Science without humanity
Pleasure without conscience
Worship without sacrifice
Moving from the freedom of indifference
to the responsibility of involvement
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