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Ecology North
Town of Hay River Projects
presented by Kim Rapati
and Shannon Ripley
Sustainability in the Hub
The Hub of Sustainability!
As the second largest community in the NWT
and the closest to market, we have a real
opportunity to be the leaders in recycling and
environmental sustainability
Waste Diversion as a Town Priority
Waste diversion initiatives can effectively
prolong the life of our landfill
There is great community momentum
regarding sustainability initiatives - residents are
interested and poised for action
Effective Ecology North Partnership
Ecology North recognizes the waste diversion
initiatives the Town is already developing and is
enthusiastic about assisting in the research and
communication of these initiatives
Kim Rapati
Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON
Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism
Outdoor/experiential education, leadership, communication
Bachelor of Geography
Environmental issues, resource management, climate change
Recent training
Young Leaders’ Summit on Northern Climate Change 2011
delegate at three-day conference in Yellowknife, Nov. 10 - 12
Sustainable Community Development Course
at Dechinta Bush University, Blachford Lake Lodge, March 9 - 12, 2012
Town of Hay River Landfill Operations Course
invited to participate and acted as guest speaker to landfill operators and managers
from six NWT communities, discussed waste diversion strategies
for managing household waste
Started working with Ecology North in Oct. 2011
Saw need for sustainable living information in Hay River
Ecology North
Ecology North is a charitable, non-profit organization based in Yellowknife, formed
in 1971 to support sound environmental decision-making on an individual,
community and regional level.
Priority focus areas: public education and awareness, climate change
mitigation and adaptation, sustainable living, waste reduction, local food
production and source-water (drinking water) protection.
Maintains collaborative partnerships with a number of other local community and
educational organizations. All programming emphasizes the links among
environmental, social and community well-being.
Centralized Composting in Yellowknife
Recent Ecology North Hay
River Area Projects
Waste Reduction Week October 2011
Created ‘Hay River Recycling Guide’ with Town of Hay River and Tri-R
Held public display in the arena with recycling game, backyard and vermicomposting information and more
Laundry Cost Reduction February 2012
Held public event in Fort Providence around energy and cost reduction possible
when doing household laundry
Local Food Learning Jan - March 2012
Jackie Milne ran ‘Hungry for Change’ six-week discussion course, starting your
garden workshops around the area and helped set-up school gardens and
National Water Week March 2012
Presented northern-based Grade 7 curriculum regarding the bottled water
industry and water monitoring in our region to schools, conducted a class
presentation in Fort Resolution
Held tar sands/water consumption documentary screening at the Library
followed by presentation from local water monitoring group and discussion
Future Initiatives
Ecology North can help strengthen the Town of Hay River team this summer to create real progress in the waste
reduction initiatives planned for this up-coming summer. Here are a few of the projects to be worked on:
Recycling Feasibility Study
Centralized drop-offs for waste paper products and recyclables that do not provide a return for residential
Spring Clean-up Hazardous Waste
Two collections this year, will promote e-waste alternatives and general education on hazardous waste
Backyard Composting Promotion
Assist Town in distributing backyard composters and hosting educational workshops
Centralized Composting Feasibility Study
Explore centralized composting possibilities in Hay River
Ecology North is looking forward to our partnership with
the Town of Hay River and is excited to provide support
Understanding the priorities of the Town and focussing on
exploring opportunities that can be taken in order to make them
Developing educational materials and making them available to
residents - providing them with the background and theory behind
why waste reduction and sustainability are important in our
Providing residents with the simple tools and skills they need to be
individually responsible for contributing to waste diversion and
environmental responsibility in Hay River through workshops and
public events
Thank you!
Mahsi cho!
Kim Rapati
Ecology North
Hay River Coordinator
[email protected]