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Joint Actions Update
Development of
Clean Air Council
2015 – 2017
Declaration &
CAC History
• Initiated in 2000 after the release of Toronto Public Health’s Burden of
Illness (1,700 death in Toronto alone due to air pollution); and Ontario
Medical Association’s Illness Cost of Air Pollution (5,800 deaths in
Ontario due to air pollution, 500 million in health care costs).
• Climate change is the most pressing environmental, social and economic
problem facing the planet.
• Synergies between air pollution and climate change solutions enable
communities to address multiple problems and achieve multiple cobenefits.
• Communities that are more efficient, sustainable and resilient will
enable us to tackle the air pollution and climate change challenge and
foster the Greater Toronto Area’s competitiveness and livability.
CAC Goals
• Address air quality and climate change
challenges through a dynamic network ;
• Expand knowledge and encourage practical
and successful policies and actions;
• Explore opportunities for joint initiatives;
• Develop and report on progress of Intergovernmental Declarations of Clean Air and
Climate Change;
• Track and monitor the implementation and
transfer of clean air and climate change
actions across the jurisdictions; and
• Liaise with municipalities and organizations
in Ontario, Canada and internationally.
• Is the CAC Goals in need of a
Clean Air
• CAP is a charitable environmental organization whose
goal is to help municipalities become more
sustainable, resilient, and vibrant communities where
resources are used efficiently, the air is clean to
breathe and greenhouse gas emissions are minimized.
• CAP serves as the secretariat for the Clean Air Council.
A network of municipalities working collaboratively on
clean air and climate change actions.
 2012 – 2014 Declaration – 24 Actions
 Continue to support as needed and report on progress
of 2012 – 2014 Declaration
 Development of 2015 – 2018 Declaration – Targeted
implementation support
 Identify top 10 (at most) actions slated for joint
implementation and policy development the CAC
would focus on.
Identified Priorities
1. Implementation of Corporate Energy Plans
2. Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting Progress
3. Climate Change Adaptation. Low Impact
Development, Stormwater Management,
Stormwater Fees, testing of LID actions and
technologies, its connection to resilience.
4. Active Transportation – Implementation a priority
then followed by development of plan; its
connection to land use planning and public health is
also a main priority.
Identified Priorities
5. Green Development Standards
6. Public engagement and community action (some
interest in evaluation of engagement results);
Increasing awareness of what the municipality is
7. Urban Agriculture, Urban Forestry Management
Plans, Invasive Species, Biodiversity, Road Ecology,
Green Infrastructure.
Identified Priorities
8. Building the Case for health, climate change,
congestion, natural spaces, and land use planning
connections. Lack of evidence and data to build the
business case for necessary policy change. Interest in
pooling expertise and research needs to address this
9. Green Procurement
10. Transit improvements
Identified Priorities
11. Community Energy Plan and its connections to
growth management and economic development
12. Green Fleets (progress seems to have leveled, would
be good to explore results and additional
opportunities again)
13. Prioritization and plan integration strategies.
Integration of sustainability into asset management
and overall municipality.
CAC Declaration Input and Feedback
• Friday February 6th from 10 am – 12 pm
Gathering input on:
• Which priorities should be in declaration;
• Actions
• Outcomes
• Possible targets/performance indicators that could be
associated with each declaration action
CAC Workplan
 Feedback would help add in to the CAC draft
 Goal: Develop specific workplans for the various
Declaration Actions
 Ex. Green Development Standards Workplan
 Developed at November 28th Workshop
 Webinar/teleconference to review that workplan on
February 4th from 10 am – 11 am.
 Stormwater Management, Low Impact Development,
Green Development Standards, Climate Change
 February 20th CAC meeting
 Plans in place for a workshop bringing together CAC
with Stormwater Managers Network.
 What would you like to see covered and/or come out
of such a workshop?
 Breathing new life into municipal Green Fleets
 Possibly using performance metrics and
benchmarking to identify actions/efforts to emulate
 Other suggestions?
 Working with Fleet Challenge Ontario
 Would like to highlight the outcome performance
tracking and reporting that Mississauga did.
 Other examples we should highlight?
 Green Procurement Efforts
 Update Scan by nagging for presentations via webinar
on new actions and learnings
 Seeking volunteers to sign on to take on specific
 Come back to larger group share
 Other priority actions?
 Late on the CAC Story Book but promise we are
working on it.
 Should we align it with a Summit type event along
with a declaration signing?
 We would still do the Council deputation and CAC
declaration road show.
 If there is interest in a Summit – what purpose would
you like to see it serve?
 Is there a specific area your think it should focus on?