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Future in the Past
 Was/were going to is used in noun clauses
that are the direct object of a past tense
 This expresses an action that we thought
would happen at some time after the time
we thought it.
 Ex. Jessie dreamed she was going to
marry Yao Ming.
 In this use, was/were going to (become)
has the same meaning as would
 Crystal predicted that she would become
a doctor.
 Crystal predicted that she was going to
become a doctor.
 What did you predict that you would
 Simple past verbs of mental activity occur before
a noun clauses with would or was/going to.
 believed hoped decided imagined doubted
knew dreamed felt pretended found out
realized forgot remembered guessed thought
had no idea was/were sure
 Annie knew that she would have over 50
boyfriends in one year!
 Choose five verbs from above and write
sentences telling what you _(verb)_____ that
would/was going to happen.
 The future in the past is used for an action
that was intended but never happened.
 Ex. Stacey was going to become an
English teacher, but she didn’t like verb
 Simple past is used for the reason why the
intended action didn’t happen.
 What did you intend that didn’t happen
and why didn’t it happen?
They were going to go fishing, but
the car broke down.
Go to the movies
Call home
Go on a picnic
Take photographs
Mow that lawn
Become artists
Go shark hunting
can’t sing
it be too hard
be too afraid
not have a car/ film
get sick
not have enough
 Rap it Up B p. 61
 Picture Puzzle p. 62
 Great-Aunt Bertha vs. the City Council p.
 Homework:
 Review simple past, past continuous, and
future in the past
 Complete Finish the Story on p.66-67