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Eros (Cupid)
Eros was the god of love,better
known by hislatin name cupid.
He is the son of Aphrodite by
Ares,he took his place among the
small gods of Olympus.
He was represented as a little
naked boy,with sparkling wings,
and he carried his bow and arrows
wherever he wandered.
The lovely,naughty god had two
kinds of arrows:the gold tipped
arrows used to quicken the pulse of
love and the lead tipped ones to
palsy it. Besides,he had a torch
to light hearts with.
Sometimes he was blindfolded
At one time the little
naughty god was wounded by
his own arrows,and he was
fall in love with Psyche(a
human maiden )
Another famous story where
Eros played an important
part was the argonautic
The origin of yuelao, there is a
beautiful legend.
Time : Tang Dynasty
Place: A
People:a young man——Wei Ku
an old
Others: a red rope
a book——Du marriag
a special bag
• Cupid is happier than
Yuelao .
• Cupid has two
arrows .One is the
golden arrow of love;
one is the gray arrow
of refusal to love.
• He has a God mother
Venus and a wisdom
wife Athena
AsYuelao, he led
with the red line
He was a single man
He was older than
He only had a big
tree as his home
Cupid is not
afraid of cold,
when the old
sledge driving in
Santa Claus comes
to give gifts, he
always flies to
watch , from time
to time raises
his round arm,
and then an arrow
on the string,
and then there
are one or two
human or of joy
or sorrow.
To yue lao, he should
like to watch old
lanterns and fireworks.
As the occupational
habits, he carries the
red line to see who is
pleasing to the eye on
the lead up. Otherwise,
why in the ancient
Chinese opera, the always
romantic encounter in the
Mid-Autumn Festival
lanterns at it? Xing qi
ji veteran had not been
able to escape the
robbery, thus leaving
only famous through the
ages "thousands of people
in search of her degrees,
suddenly looking back, it
felt light, but in the
Love is
human beings’ forever themes
Each mythology is origin from its own culture,it
reflects its culture :
1. Chinese mythology has a heavy atmosphere ,a
stately image .It reflects the persistent tenacity
of the Chinese nation, with a strong sense of
national spirit and character.
2. Greek mythology character:Simple gesture、 natural
charm 、full of artistic appeal, reflects western
culture's optimism
3. Chinese mythology portrayed god as a moral icon,
suggesting that the ideal of a state ethics
4. System by the Greek myth of worship, the praise is
to reverse the course of events for "our" or
technical master