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Fonville Middle School
Technology Applications Class
Lesson 5
Information and the computer
Computer Software
Presented by Andrey Koptelov
Input and Output
CPU inside case
The result is shown as
Enter information
with mouse or keyboard
You can show input and output with a flowchart
How Does the Hardware Know
What to Do With Input?
• When you put information, a computer
runs a program, or SOFTWARE.
• Software is a set of instructions that
tells a computer what to do.
• When software is running, it tells the
CPU how to process the information.
Hardware and Software
• Hardware can be seen or touched.
• Software at work is invisible.
• The “instructions” the computer receives
are electronic.
• Hardware will not work without software.
• Software cannot do it job without hardware.
There are Four Main Types of
1. Operating systems or system software.
Windows XP, Windows 98, Macintosh OS
2. Applications software.
MS Paint, Internet Explorer, Ultra Key, Games
3. Utilities software.
Norton Utilities, McAfee Antivirus, Zip Magic
4. Programming languages.
C++, Java, Visual Basic, HTML
Give some samples.
• What operating systems do you
• What application do you know?
• What kind of utilities do you know?
• What programming languages do you
Operating systems
• Between the hardware and
the application software lies
the operating system. The
operating system is a
program that conducts the
communication between the
various pieces of hardware
like the video card, sound
card, printer, the
motherboard and the
Applications Software
Applications software lets
you do a particular job with
your input. Some job
include drawing a pictures,
writing a report and finding
Examples: MS Paint, Ultra
Key, MS Word, Internet
Explorer etc.
Utilities Software
Utilities software
helps you keep a
hard drive in order
and a computer
running smoothly.
For example it can
help you find a
Programming Languages
• computer program is a
set of detailed directions
telling the computer
exactly what to do, one
step at a time.
• Programming language is
a special language which
can be used for describing
these detailed directions
telling the computer what
to do.
Lesson Review
Write down your answers for the
following questions
What does operation system do?
What does applications software do?
What does utilities software do?
What is a reason you would use a
programming languages for?
How is input different from output?