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PowerPoint Text Slides
• Principles of Design
• Principles of Delivery
• Principles Ad Hoc
Principles of Design
• Structure
• Readability
• Consistency
Slide Structure
• Opening Slide (“with quotation”)
• Preview Slide
• Reference Slide
• Symbol Slides
- defs, examples, image(s)
• Closing Slide
• Acknowledgement Slide
Symbols of
Symbols of Islam
“La ilaha illa Allah”
Key Symbols of Islam
Muslim (Moslem)
Quran (Koran)
Medina (Yathrib)
Pillars of Islam
Hijrah (Hegira)
Kaaba (ka’ba, etc.)
• jihad
– Greater
– Lesser
• Sunni
• Shi’ite
• Umayyad
– Damascus
• Abbasid
– Baghdad
• Sharia
Slide Readability
• Symbol Size
- Title = 48+ pt (one line only)
- Body = 20-36 pt
- Differential = 20 to 40 pts
• Mapping
- Dark on Light Background
- Color coordinated
- Bullet all Mps and Sps
- Align Bullets (insert symbol option)
• Symbol Type
- Generic, Tahoma, TNR
Muslims pray in a place called a Mosque.
In the entrance of the mosque there is a row of
clocks to inform them of the prayer times for
the day.
Muslim take off their shoes before they enter
the mosque.
Muslims then perform wudu, washing to make
themselves fit for prayer.
The main room of the mosque
There is no furniture
Decorated in Arabic text.
Never any pictures
Usually covered in carpet
May have a large single dome on the roof or
one or more smaller ones
“In the Name of God, the Merciful, the
Praise belongs to God, the Lord of all
Being, the All-merciful, the Allcompassionate, the Master of the Day of
Thee only we serve; to Thee alone we pray
for succour. Guide us in the straight path,
the path of those whom Thou hast blessed,
not of those against whom Thou art
wrathful, nor of those who are astray.”
Principles of Design
• Structure
• Readability
• Consistency
Slide Consistency
• Same Slide Design, Color Scheme
• Same Font Type, Style, Color
• Same Spacing All Characters
• Same Justification Pattern
• Images where available
- One image fits all by theme
- Multiple images vary by MP
PowerPoint Text Slides
• Summary - Principles of Design
• Structure
- Title, Preview, Reference, Symbols, Closing, Acknowledgments
• Readability
- Font size (20-40 pt. difference), style (TNR, Tahoma)
• Consistency
- Same font size, style across all Slides
- Bullet MPs and Sps and Align
PowerPoint Text Slides
• Principles of Design
• Principles of Delivery
Principles of Delivery
• Use Progressive Disclosure
- dimming optional (but consistent)
• Expose Slide Only When Relevant
• Expose Title and Body Areas in that Order
• Use Custom Animation Appropriately
• Use Slide Transitions
Principles Ad Hoc
• Load Presentation Prior Class Period(s)
• Rehearse! Rehearse!! Rehearse!!!
- progressive disclosure
- verbal-visual correspondence
• Check & Recheck Spelling
• Begin with Black or White Screen
PowerPoint Text Slides
• Principles of Design
• Principles of Delivery
• Principles Ad Hoc