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5.2-5.3 HW
p. 161 2-12 even, 21-23
p. 167 25-26
p. 168 2-12 even (omit 8)
Solve Right Triangles
5.1-5.3 HW Quiz: TOMORROW
5.1-5.4 Quiz: FRIDAY!
Special Triangles Test: August 27
• To solve a right triangle means to find
the measures of all of its sides and angles.
Inverse Trigonometric Ratios:
• You can use the inverse of the ratio to find
the missing angle measure.
Example 1:
• Find the measure of X. Round to the
nearest tenth.
Example 2:
• Approximate the measures of A and B
to the nearest tenth of a degree.
Example 3:
• Find the missing measurements of the
right triangle shown in the diagram. Round
decimal answers to the nearest tenth.
You Try:
• Solve the right triangle. Round decimal
answers to the nearest tenth.
P. 176
#1-23 odd