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7-1: Special Right
Triangles and
Trigonometric Ratios
Unit 7
English Casbarro
Turn in the following problems.
1. In the parking lot shown, the lines that mark
the width of the spaces are parallel. Find x and y.
2. A piece of property lies between 2 parallel streets as shown in the picture.
What is the relationship between
the angles? What are their measures?
Recall: The Pythagorean Theorem. This allows you to find legs and the hypotenuse
of a right triangle. There are 2 types of triangles that allow you to use shortcuts
to find out the lengths of their sides.
These are the 45°-45°-90° and 30°-60°-90°
Problem 3- Solve the triangles for the unknown sides.
Trigonometric Ratios
 Most of the time the angles are not the
special triangles we have seen. There
are other ways to find the lengths of the
sides of the triangles.
Trig Ratios are always listed
sin cos tan in that order!
 Sin
 Cos
You can also
remember the
 Tan
This is the basic problem that just tests your knowledge of writing the ratios.
You must know which is the opposite side, which is the adjacent side (these
Switch depending on the angle that you are talking about), and the hypotenuse.
Check your knowledge