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UCSF and Global Health
▪Institutional Infrastructure for Global Health
▪Role of Surgery and Global Health
▪Future Opportunities and Research
UCSF and Global Health
•Over 200 international projects:
International faculty and funded research
Volunteerism and humanitarian projects
•Africa, Americas, Asia, E. Europe
•Departments dedicated to global health:
S/M Office of International Medical Education
UCSF-UCB Institute for Global Health (IGH)
AIDS Research Institute (ARI)
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)
UCSF Global Health Sciences
 Background
• Established in 2003 by the Chancellor Bishop
• Haile T. Debas, Executive Director
 Purpose
•Campus-wide initiative to coordinate global
•Capacity-building, sustainable programs, and
equitable partnerships
Initial Affiliated Programs
AIDS Research Institute
Basic Sciences (drug development, microbial
Cancer Center (Genetic Epidemiology)
Center for Health and Community
Institute for Global Health
Institute for Health Policy Studies
Proctor Foundation for Eye Diseases
UCSF Global Health Sciences
Resource: project database, faculty,
Education: GHS Project Seminar
Technical support: management,
administration, funding sources
Coordination: network among various
academic disciplines and schools
UCSF Global Health Sciences
Academic Objectives: Training, Education, Research
•Partnership with institutions in developing
•Health workforce education
- design new curriculum
- continued medical education (CME)
•Multidisciplinary research on issues of global
UCSF Global Health Sciences
 Developing Projects and Partnerships
Ministry of Health (MOH) and National
Institute of Medical Research (NIMR)
Pharmacy workforce education and
drug development
Surgery clinical exchange
Research development
UCSF Global Health Sciences
 Future Directions
What is the role of surgery and global health and the
relationship between surgery and GHS?
Training and Education
•Advanced or specialty clinical training
•Continued medical education (CME)
•Evidence-based practice
•Development of educational curriculum and
surgical protocols
•Quality control and assurance
UCSF Global Health Sciences
 Future Directions
Surgical Research in Global Health is a developing field
•Public Health: Cost-effectiveness/health
•Epidemiology: Global Surgical Burden of
•Trauma and Injury Prevention
•Collaborative Research Partnerships
UCSF Global Health Sciences
•Development of surgery and global health as a
•International interest in surgery is increasing
•Formalized relationship between academics and
global health
•Opportunity for surgical innovation and leadership in
global health worldwide
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