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Who Am I?
• Lots of GIS experience
• B.S. in Geology
– Wheaton College in Illinois
• M.S. in Oceanography
– Texas A&M
• Ph.D. in Physical Geography & Marine
– UC-Santa Barbara
• Application and analytical issues in GIS for
oceanographic data
– data modeling, analysis, conversion, metadata
• Seafloor mapping and interpretation
– volcanic, hydrothermal, & tectonic processes
– analysis and interpretation of camera, submersible, &
bathymetric data
• Geography of cyberspace, web GIS
• Marine sanctuaries, protected areas
Other Research Interests
spatial data clearinghouses & metadata
web-based GIS
geography of Cyberspace
emerging technologies for higher education
marine sanctuaries and protected areas
marine data models
Some Committee Involvement
• Geographic Information Science Certificates
• University Consortium for Geographic
Information Science
• Association of American Geographers:
Coastal & Marine, GIS & GISci, WWW specialty
• American Geophysical Union: Tectonophysics
Other Interests
Snoopy, Calvin and Hobbes comics
Building Legos®
Competitive cycling
Animation / “Art House” films
Lydia (my dog)
Incubus, Garbage, Dandy Warhols, U2,
Erasure, Moby, Celtic music
• An overview of GIS and GIScience
• GIS software and its functionality
– analysis
• How GIS data are captured, stored,
retrieved, analyzed & displayed
• How to use a basic GIS
• Where GIS and GIScience are going
• Where to go for more information
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Learning Outcomes
• Understand, articulate, demonstrate:
– GIS theory and methods
– Geographic Information Science
– GIS ANALYSIS (more than getting data in and
displaying it)
– Simple spatial analysis
– Basic software skills
An aviatrix was piloting a hot air balloon.
She ran into some unexpected weather and
was blown about for a long time. When the
weather cleared, and she was able to
descend, she had no idea where she was.
As she came down, she saw
someone immediately below her
and yelled, “Where am I?”
“You are 75 feet
above my head.”
“You must be an
“How did you
“Because what
you have just told
me is perfectly
accurate, but
Moral of the Story...
“Location, no matter how precisely
specified, is sterile in and of itself.
Context determines whether or not
knowledge of location is invaluable. . . .”
-- Ron Abler, former executive director of the
Association of American Geographers
“Computing is not about computers
anymore. It is about living.”
-- Nicholas Negroponte, Founding Director of
MIT’s Media Lab. Being Digital (1995), p. 6.
“GIS is not about systems anymore.
It is about geography.”
(… and about geographic DATA)
-- Keith Clarke, UC-Santa Barbara