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Safety and Sanitation
Today’s Teen
Chapter 34 Notes
• You will learn to . . .
• describe how to prevent injuries
from occurring in the kitchen.
• demonstrate what to do to
control food borne illness.
• Food borne illness – an illness
caused by eating spoiled food or food
containing harmful bacteria. (also
called food poisoning)
• Bacteria – one-celled living
organisms that are so small they can
only be seen with a microscope.
Vocabulary (continued)
• Cross-contamination – when
bacteria is transferred from one
food to another.
• Sanitize – to clean to get rid of
bacteria. The first step to
prevent food borne illness.
• Food safety is the responsibility
of food producers and the
government. Once bought, it is
your responsibility.
• Wash hand-before handling food,
after using the bathroom, after
handling raw meat, fish or
• Use separate towel for drying
hands and drying dishes
• Thoroughly wash all utensils
• Use a clean spoon every time
you taste food
• Keep all kitchen surfaces clean
• Wash raw fruits and vegetables
• Cook hamburgers or foods with
ground beef, poultry, fish or
• Keep food out of the Danger
Zone (40-140)
• Refrigerate or freeze leftovers
within two hours