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The number of people who
attend Mr. Gouline’s healthy
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increases increases by 4.5%
each month. If 10,000 people
currently attend, how many
people will come in ten months?
After how long will there be
20,000 attendees?
The value of a motorcycle
decreases by 9% each year. If
the motorcycle is worth $13,000
now, how much will it be worth
in 4 years?
The value of Mr. Gouline’s car is
cut in half every three years. If
the value is $18,000 now, how
much will it be worth in seven
The value of Mr. Dawson’s car
is cut in half every four years. If
his car is currently worth
$12,000, after how long will it be
worth $9,000?
A single bacteria is left on the
kitchen counter. If the number of
bacteria doubles every four
hours, after how long will there
be 1,000,000 bacteria on the
The half-life of Carbon-14 is
5,730 years. If a sample that
originally had 22 grams of
carbon now has seven grams of
carbon, approximately how old
is the sample?
Mr. Gouline is a shrewd
investor, and the value of his
investments doubles every
seven years. If he has $1,000
now, how long will it take for him
to have $15,000, assuming he
makes no additional
The half-life of radium is seven
days. Mike hopes to pick up a
75 pound block of radium, but it
is too heavy. If he waits until the
radium is 60 pounds, how long
will he have to wait?
Bank of America gives 1.75%
interest, compounded monthly.
How much will a $50 investment
be worth after two years?
PNC bank offers 2.15% interest,
compounded weekly. If Tommy
needs $1,000 in 5 years, how
much money does he need to
Douglas wants to buy a new
butterfly net which costs $125. If
he invests $42 at 6% interest,
compounded monthly, how long
will it take him to save enough?
Bank of Warcraft (BoW) gives
8% interest, compounded daily.
If Ben invests 72 WoW dollars,
after how long will his
investment have grown to 100
WoW dollars?
Mr. Burns, a wealthy and extravagant
man, offers you one of two choices.
First, he will give you $100,000 every
day for 30 days. Second, he will give
you a penny on the first day. Each day,
Mr. Burns will give you the amount of
money that you have, thus doubling
your money. Which deal will leave you
with the most money at the end of 30