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Welcome To
Introduction to Programming & Logic
Staff & Resources
Instructor: Darell Matthews
Course Assistants / Student Volunteers
Course Website:
Reference Books on web development
Course Information
CIS110-0A – Darell Matthews
Syllabus and Objective Information
Course Expectations
Lectures and Modules
Project-based Course Assessment
Lab Time for Problem Sets / Projects
What is Computer Science?
Webster: a branch of science that deals with the
theory of computation or the design of computers
Webster Learners: the study of computers and
their uses
Urban Dictionary: the magical major where you
have to write a program the night before it is due
while your friends are playing poker or “other”
Why Use Computer Science?
Solve problems more quickly than humanly possible
Integrate today’s media into ‘old school’ forms of
Create pages/apps that will accomplish complicated
goals with little effort
Make things people can use so we can make $$$
Common Problems We
Can Solve Using CS
Finding ‘Mike Smith’ in a phone book
Making a PB&J sandwich with an algorithm
$1,000,000 or $0.01 a day, doubled each day, for 30
6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon
What Programs Will
I Write in CIS115
Laying out our web pages in Balsamiq or other
mockup applications
Web pages in simple HTML5 or XHTML 1.0
Styling our pages using CSS
Taking user input via PHP
Storing/retrieving user input via XML/MySQL
Making pages interactive with JavaScript
What Assignments Will
I Have in CIS115
3-4 web-based projects, each with layout
1 using HTML5/XHTML and CSS
1 using HTML5/XHTML, CSS, XML, and JavaScript
1 using HTML5/XHTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript
1 using HTML5/XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript
1 Final Project utilizing all languages, mashups, CMS,
or other means
What Tools Will I Use to
Program in CIS115?
Balsamiq Mock-Up Web (outlining utility - $FREE)
Programmer’s Notepad / Notepad++ (editing utility $FREE)
WAMP (local web server for Windows - $FREE)
WinSCP (file transfer utility for Windows - $FREE)
Online Resources (,, - $FREE)
Every student in the class, course assistants, etc...!!!
Is This CS Stuff Something I
Can Do @ Home?
Certainly, the process is simple:
Use Balsamiq to mock-up your page/site
Write your pages and style sheets using
Programmer’s Notepad
Test your page/site using your WAMP server locally
Upload your page/site to our server for grading
using WinSCP (this step MUST be done from our
Can I Make $$$ With CS or
Making Web Pages?
Most Definitely
Today a nice site designed from scratch costs around $2,500-$10,000 just for
creation, not including maintenance.
Examples of $1,000-$1,500 web pages: &
Web-based applications (Easy Auction Software)
Page Type Examples
Photoshop Image (difficult to update, wonderful control of colors and images) =
CSS (easy to change/update, lots of code to write) = &
JavaScript (looks great with dynamism, runs on client sandbox) = SCC Mobile
site (
Flash (moving images, dynamic sounds) =
Content Management System (ie: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress - makes daily
updates and reorganization faster and easier) = (Drupal)
PHP/MySQL = gather user input and organize it for retrieval =
So What’s Next?
Get our desktops ready for programming
Login to Windows 7 as ‘student / password’
Start WAMP server and view icon menu
Programmer’s Notepad, WinSCP3
Lecture 0 - HTTP and the Web