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Designing Good Web Pages
Form versus Function
A good website is a compromise between
form and function.
While creativity is encouraged, you have to
meet the expectation of your audience.
Form deals with the creative aspect of web
design. The user experience (designers).
Function deals with accuracy of codes,
accessibility issues and upload time of
website (programmers).
Design Principles
Clement Mok’s and Vic Zauderer’s four
principles for web design are:
Problem definition
Target audience
Information organization
User interface and execution
Design Principles
(problem definition)
Developing an understanding of the
Defining the needs and goals of the
Design Principles
(target audience)
Establish a target audience. Find out who
your client wants to reach with the website.
Understanding your audience will answer
other important questions about which design
approaches to take like: screen size to design
for, connection speed and over all level of
sophistication of website.
Design Principles
( Information organization)
Work closely with your client to ensure
you understand the entire scope of the
site's content: how much information
the site will include initially, and in the
immediate and long-term future
Create a blueprint that defines the
overall scope of the website and the
pages' relationships in a hierarchy.
Design Principles (User Interface)
Create an intuitive system: use a
navigational system that is already
established so as not to confuse your users.
Interpret consistently: all your buttons
and links should behave in a similar way
Use logical progression: information
should be presented in a hierarchy of
Anticipate user error: Design your website
to minimize mistakes.
Design Principles (User Interface)
Make the nature of functions apparent:
Make sure website elements function like they
are suppose to.
Focus on content: An interface should allow
the user to focus on the content and the task
at hand, yet still find controls when applicable
Provide feedback: Every user action should
have an obvious, immediate effect.
Distinguish between actions:
Design Principles (User Interface)
Allow speed control
Design appropriately