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The Army Family
Support Center
Building communities and
information for those left behind
Project Description
• The Army Family Support Center is for the families
who remain behind when a soldier deploys
• Some family members are not near a military base
and do not know about programs to support them
• It provides information families can use
• It provides an opportunity to build a community not
dependent on physical location by using a virtual
reality (VR) environment
• It is an experiment in social interaction and
information sharing and not endorsed by the U.S.
Current Configuration
• Existing Information rooms
• Related sub-rooms
− Military Base Specific Information Rooms
− Subject Specific Information rooms
World Weather
As information resources develop
new information rooms appear addressing specific subjects
Based in ActiveWorlds
Inexpensive compared to Second Life
World wide access and secure
Small bandwidth requirement (works over a modem)
Less processing power needed
Will run as a stand alone
Available to web users but can be password protected
Provides Dynamic Information
• Centralizes information
• Capstone multiple web sites
• Sets up community validation of information
• Establishs an on-line community with no bounds on location
− A PC with access to the web anywhere in the world
− Free access to the virtual world
• Draw users with useful information
• Enables relationships
Validate Site
Make Friends
Share Problems
Solve Issues
Get Advice
• Allows Services
− Counseling
− Assistance
− Direction
• The VR Based Army Family Support
− Uses web based content
− Establishes a community dynamic
− Reaches those who are not near military
− Enables formal and informal support
− Is inexpensive to implement