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Web Design:
Best Practices
The “why’s” of web page creation
Why does anyone
visit your site?
• Information
• Entertainment
• Shopping
Define your audience
• Professionals/Hobbyists
• General population
• Students/kids
• Underprivileged/
Easy to understand
Anyone should be able to figure
out what the site is about within
four seconds
Easy to read:
Use your tags!
• P tags – Computers see as the
• H tags – Maintains your
hierarchy of subtitles
• Alt text tags – Allows screen
readers to understand what is
being displayed
Easy to load
• Compress images when possible
• Edit images in photo software
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Office Picture
Start> Programs> Accessories>
Easy to load cont’d.
GIF records pixels for up to 256
colors – good for artwork
JPG records for all colors – good
for photos
Easy to find –
and navigate through
• Put a concise, accurate description
in your summary
• Organize information for the user
• Keep text brief
• Use links
Easy for you to maintain
• Where will the content come from?
• If your content already exists
somewhere, do you need copyright
Easy for you to maintain
• How often will content be
• Who will be responsible for
updating information?
General Guidelines
• Web Style Guide
Accessibility Issues
• Building accessible web sites
• Universal usability