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Online Translation Service
Capstone Design
Eunyoung Ku
Jason Roberts
Jennifer Pitts
Gregory Woodburn
Kim Tran
System Overview
A system is needed to facilitate the
interactions between the customers,
translators, and managers of an online
translation service.
 Must be implemented as a web interface to
extend the service to users worldwide.
Receive translation quotes
Upload documents, specifying document
information such as target and original languages
and urgency of translation
Monitor progress of submissions
Download translated documents upon completion
Provide quality ratings for completed translations
View recent document submissions
 Download documents to translate
 Submit translated version of the document
Add new users to the system
 Remove users from the system
 View customer activity summaries
 View translator productivity reports
Server and Development
Apache HTTP server for Windows XP
 MySQL Database Server
 Server side scripting in PHP
 World Wide Web Consortium’s XHTML
and CSS compliance
Security Requirements
Protect user’s identities by securing database as
well as sessions
MySQL server configured to only accept local
connections using named pipes
Limited session lifetime
Server behind a firewall to minimize malicious
Uploaded documents stored in binary format in
MySQL tables
Customer Requirements
Simple, easy to use interfaces for all user
 Professional, trustworthy appearance
 Several methods for contacting the service
and providing feedback add to
 Multilingual support for all three interfaces
Database Design
Database Design
GUI Design
Professional Look and Feel with CSS
Lack of images greatly decreases download time
Session Design
Session Design
URL Rewriting or Cookies?
System Implementation
ERD for 1st Prototype
System Implementation
Protecting against SQL Injection Attacks
This login would allow
access to any invalid
For security, the special
characters in the values
must be escaped.
Other injection attacks may force the system to display sensitive data.
System Implementation
Form Validation
Important for data
driven applications
 Ensure uploaded files
are of proper type
MIME type
Adobe Portable Document File
Microsoft Word Document
Rich Text Format
.htm or .html
Hyper Text Markup Language
Plain text
Login and Registration
Customer Interface
Customer - Upload
Customer - View Order Status
Translator Interface
Translator - Download
Translator - Return Document
Manager Interface
Manager - Add User
Manager – Remove User
Manager – View Transactions
Manager – Productivity
System Testing
Repeated attempts to break the site and
cause errors
 Explore every possible scenario a user may
 Simulate everyday use of system
 Providing “bad input” to verify system will
not allow the user to present errors
System Testing
After verifying the input produced desirable
results within one user interface, test the
results caused by the same input within the
other interfaces
 Some not so obvious errors are caught by
checking the web server and database server
Future Work
Multilingual support for all user interfaces
 Separate database tables for each user class
to simplify user interfaces
 Addition of a new user class: Admin or
Super user
 Support for monetary transactions (Pay Pal,
Credit Card, etc)
Future Work
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Support to
cater to corporations and small businesses
 Extended user interfaces including
translation support system
 Professional web hosting or dedicated