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Zhen (Ellen) Xu
(Green Card Holder)
11200 Nautical Dr., Knoxville, TN, 37934
(515)-451-1406, [email protected]
Years’ experience in education, publishing and translation, self-disciplined, detail and
deadline oriented, capable of thinking clearly under pressure, extremely responsible.
Language Pair
English-Chinese (native language: Mandarin)
Translation Software
Trados, SDLX Lite, WordFast, Idiom World Server Desktop Workbench
English to Chinese translation, transcreation, editing/proofreading, quality managing
Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association (CHICATA)
Iowa Interpreters and Translators Association (IITA) (profile:
Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Master of Business Administration
GMAT: 720, IBT: 108, GPA: 3.81
Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China
Master of Arts in English Language and Literature, 03/2004
Bachelor of Arts in English (focus: Translation), 07/1997
Language-Related Work Experience
1996 – Present
Freelance translator/editor/proofreader/project manager/
quality manager for various clients (just name a few):
(Leading and managing the En-Ch/Ch-En dictionary project team)
™ WeLocalize
™ Invospan
Hong Kong
™ TranslateMedia
™ TheBigWord
™ AllLanguages
2007 --- 2010
Transperfect Translations International
New York, USA
External Quality Manager
™ Quality managed more than 300 projects
™ Coordinated with project managers, internal quality managers
and translation teams to improve customer satisfaction
2004 —2006
Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Beijing, China
Project Manager & Quality Manager
™ Independently managed the whole process of projects from
project proposal, communication with writers/content
providers, preview and review of scripts, to cooperation with
art editors and printing houses as well as disc/cassettes
manufacturing companies
™ Controlled the quality of products
(Award for outstanding performance in 2004)
1999 --- 2000
1997 --- 2001
American Peace Corps in China
Chengdu, China
Project Assistant and Translator
™ Organized and managed model school and cultural field trips
™ Worked as translator for the office and interpreter for the
Training Supervisor
™ Expedited and facilitated communications between Training
staff, Trainees and the management of Foreign Affairs Office,
as well as the communications between Training center and the
Peace Corps office
Sichuan Normal University
Chengdu, China
Assistant Professor
™ Taught core courses such as intensive reading, intensive
listening, etc.
Feedback from Clients
Ellen Xu dissected the file like a cadaver. And I confess that I am not able to deliver the file
with her quality. You should feel fortunate that she took the job.
Phil Wong, Senior Quality Manager
Transperfect Translations
Professional, on-time and always communicates well.
Mike Kellogg
President of
Ellen is a very good translator and a great pleasure to work with.
Cristina Moldovan-Amaral
Excellent work, Ellen! I really appreciate how conscientious you and your whole team have
been throughout this process.
Sarah Fonseca, Project Manager
Thank you for the excellent translation job you have done on this job. The
client has come back with very positive feedback.
Ping Zhang, Project Manager
Thomas Chen Associates
We have received very good feedback on the last translations submitted by you. Well done!
Irina, Project Manager
Sample Projects:
1. Global Malaise in 2006?
2. Free Trade in an Age of Terror
3. Whatever Happened to Wage Insurance?
4. Trichet Takes Control At The ECB
5. From Rome to Moscow
1. Cambridge Lawsuit Package
2. Hunan Province Changsha Intermediate People’s Court -----Criminal Verdict (Ch-En)
3. End-User Single-Site License Agreement for Voice-Interactive Ronald Compact Disk and
Related Software
4. Settlement Agreement
5. Affiliate Services Agreement
1. China Data NVS US Press Release-----New Data Shows Telbivudine Provided
Significantly Greater Response Compared to Lamivudine in the Treatment of Chinese
2. Davita Patient Handbook Package (files including: Adequate dialysis, Dietitian resources;
Feel Best Responsibility; Patient Education, etc.)
3. Drug Formulary---Complete List of Covered Drugs; Partial Drug Formulary---Sample
List of Covered Drugs
4. Currents in Emergency Cardiovascular Care
5. Davita Package (Traveling tips for dialysis patients; Tell me about phosphorus; Your best
vascular access choice; Treat anemia for a better life, etc.)
1. ALLTEL package (Ch-En, including Letter of Intent for Verification of ALLTEL
Corporation’s Products, Audit reports, Organizational structure, P&L Statements etc.)
2. Metlife Newsletters (on-going job, including: The MAX Income Program Single
Premium Immediate Annuity, Stretch Your IRA Distributions; Personal Income Builder;)
3. Capco Economic and Regulatory Capital
4. A Comprehensive Finance Project (Asset Liability Management, Bank Mamt Overview,
Bank Perf Analysis, Decision Review Session, Intro to BankExec, Managing Funding
sources, Managing Investments, Managing Loans)
5. Argo China Fund Offering Memorandum
1. P&G Olay Translation
2. The Infusion Primer& the Whitening Mask
3. China Acne Competitors
4. Artistry Products Introduction
5. H2O+ Products Introduction (including the Oasis series, Sea Results series, Aqualibrium
series etc.)
IT/General Technology:
1. Deublin Steam Brochure
2. Bodum Antigua Coffee Maker brochure, Mocca brochure, Granos brochure etc.
3. Automated External Defibrillator Operator’s Manual
4. Csoft website (on-going)
5. Hyperion Business Intelligence
6. Instructions on Fitting, Maintenance and Care of Crystal StarLED
1. Communications Pertaining to the Danaher US & China Compliance Training Program
2. Flowserve Global Employee Survey
3. Tyco project (such as the appointment letter of ombudsman, Annual Summary
4. Translation of 9 CVs for employees of Capco (including consultants, technical architect)
5. ThoughtWorks Customer Relationship Management