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The PrinterOn Campus Printing System is an
innovative solution that:
Makes printing easier
Reduces your support costs
Enables 802.11 wireless and notebook programs
Supports “Print Less!” initiatives
Provides new capabilities, such as printing to labs
and libraries from home or dormitories.
An Intranet printing web service that lets
students print without installing any print
A universal print driver that installs once and
prints anywhere.
Handheld PDA printing applications.
Web Service - Introduction
An Intranet web site for easy printing.
No print drivers need to be installed. No help desk
calls, no configuration delays.
Ideal for students with notebook computers, using
either a network drop or an 802.11 wireless
Source materials are available for customization of
the web site.
Web Service - Authentication
Students can be
challenged to
authenticate using
LDAP (including
ActiveDirectory or NDS)
or a PrinterOn
Membership system.
Web Service - Printers
Users are presented
with printers that may
be used. You can
assign user-friendly
labels, and group them
as appropriate.
You can install multiple
web sites to give faculty
and students access to
different printers.
Web Service – Upload a Document
Users can browse to
locate their desired
document, or use a web
Release code is optional,
for use with some print
management applications.
Web Service – Printer Options
If desired you can also
provide students with
control over paper size,
orientation and duplexing.
Duplexing may be
optional, or forced on or
off as per your printing
Web Service – Job Tracking
Watch the
progress of your
print request. An
optional approval
step can be used
to ensure that
students accept
the pages and
possible printing
PrintWhere - Introduction
Universal print driver
Any Windows application
Automatic configuration
Built in printer location
Shares printer configuration with the web service.
Ideal for power users, advanced printing features,
or printing from applications not supported
by the web service.
PrintWhere – Choosing a Printer
Presents recently used printers
and discovered printers.
Keyword search simplifies
finding usable devices.
PrintWhere – Printer Confirmation
Choosing a printer from
Discovered, History or Search
results provides detailed
Pricing and page size
restrictions are shown where
After Selecting, the default
printer settings will be
automatically updated for
correct use of this device.
PrintWhere – Pop Up
During printing, allows
confirmation of print
request, and entry of
delivery options.
Release code, computer
name and login ID are
captured if required by a
print management
Page count, paper selection
and pricing are displayed to
ensure students understand
their print obligations.
PocketWhere - Introduction
Solutions for printing from handheld computers
Shares printer configuration and restrictions with Web
Service and print driver
Available for Pocket PC, RIM and BlackBerry.
PocketWhere – Sample Pocket PC Screens
Campus Printing System
Major Components
Print from home or
dormitories, pick up
print jobs in the library
or computing labs.
Any Web
Web service provides
driverless printing.
Nothing to install on a
student computer.
Simply upload a
document and choose
your options.
(web site)
Optional email interfaces
allow printing of messages
and attachments.
Optional - enables
external PrintWhere
connections if firewall
blocks direct
University Firewall
Optional Windows application installs once
and supports all printers. Great for
frequent users, unusual applications and
detailed control of print options. Includes
printer discovery and a pop-up client.
PrintWhere –
Universal Print
Print immediately or hold
for release
Printing is Expensive
Sample annual printing expenses – 5000 students
(3 cents/page, 5MM pages)
Help Desk
$ 62,500
(10 minutes/user/term $25/hr)
$ 2,000
(2 hours/printer/year)
Print Mgmt
$ 6,000
(Amortized over 5 yrs, no card system)
$ 8,000
(2 or 3 printers / yr)
Print Servers $ 4,000
(Replace/repair avg)
Student Angst $ 40,000
(20 minutes / student each term @ $8/hr)
The actual costs of printing on campus can vary widely – but it is expensive. PrinterOn is an
effective way to get the most value out of your printing systems and reduce User Help
expenses and wasted User Time.
Application - Libraries
High number of walk-ins asking for help setting up their
notebooks for printing.
CAT5 drops, 802.11 Wireless, and kiosk PCs need to coexist
Simplify printing. No need to install print drivers or hardware, or
learn technical details.
The “poor man’s” copy shop. Print from home or residence often
a requirement.
Application – Labs or Faculties
Trend is a move towards wireless.
More students with notebooks, often required for programs.
Desire to print from lab or nearby, then pick up documents.
Often require restrictions by course or department.
Application – Residences
Print Less! and environmental pressures are common.
Every student with an inkjet printer on their desk results in lots of
waste (cartridges and printers), a loss of living space, and an
electrical connection issue.
Centralized laser printers are less expensive for students, reduce
waste and room clutter.
PrinterOn can simplify setup and operation of printing for
hundreds or thousands of students each semester.