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Start Your Engines!!!
Using Brain Power and the Four
Nets to Travel the WWW
Just because you live on the Web doesn’t
mean you can’t learn how to use it more
effectively and more powerfully
I already know
how to use the
Effective Searching
Using the right Search
Understanding strategy/
Evaluating Results!
Search, Don’t Surf
 Narrow
 Exact
 Trim
 Similar
 Effective
searchers use the
advanced search screen
 Include all the words you want
to use in the “with all” the words field
 Fill in the words you do not want in the
“without” field
Exact Phrase
 Words
hang out in predictable ways
 Use the type in the exact phrase you are
searching for
 Use quotations in the general search to
indicate exact phrasing
 Not all groups of words are phrases,
be careful not to overuse
Trim Back the URL
 Like
what you see, want to find more?
 Start by clipping away at the URL
 You may find more valuable information
 Dead link? Trim the URL to see
if the author changed the location
of the page
Similar Pages
 Seek
pages like the one you found
by selecting similar pages in the
advanced search
When using a search engine
Your goal is to get the best stuff to
appear of the first two or three pages