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Bell Work
A dog gave birth to four puppies. The father
has brown eyes, and the mother has green
eyes. Two puppies have brown eyes. One
has green eyes. One puppy has blue eyes.
What does this tell you about how the genetic
information for eye color is passed on?
What is the difference between codominance
and incomplete dominance? Give an example.
Genes and the Environment
read pg 321
What is the relationship between the
environment and phenotype?
What might the result of an exceptionally
hot spring on wing pigmentation in the
western white butterfly?
An organism’s ___ results from its
genotype and its environment.
Some ___ produce variable traits
depending on environmental conditions.
Genetics or the Environment
Turtles whose eggs hatch at higher temperature tend to be female.
A blue-eyed girl is born to two blue-eyed parents
Bees in a colony are assigned different jobs. As they develop, workers
begin to look dramatically different.
A pair of twins is separated at birth. They grow up in different countries
and speak different languages
A litter of puppies is born. They are all gray except one, which is brown.
Tall pea plant seeds are planted in different locations around a yard.
They produce plants of different heights.
A kitten is born with six toes.
A rabbit is born weak with hunger.