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Glutathione is a material found
naturally in the human body.
It is made of the amino acids
Glycine, Glutamic Acid and
As we age our Glutathione levels
start to decline.
Many scientists now believe that
how long we live is directly
proportional to how high our
Glutathione levels are.
Glutathione functions in our body as
the master antioxidant.
Glutathione protects our body like
other antioxidants, but is also capable
of “recharging” and increasing your
bodies levels of other antioxidants
such as Vitamin A, C, and E.
If you could only take one antioxidant
supplement it would be Glutathione.
Glutathione has a potent effect on
protecting the bodies protein
structures such as the collagen in
our skin.
Users of LifeWave have reported
remarkable reductions in fine lines
and wrinkles within a few weeks of
using this product.
Glutathione is one of the most
powerful materials known at being
able to detoxify the body of heavy
In fact, Glutathione injections have
been used in hospitals for many
years as a means to remove Mercury
from the body.
As we exercise our body becomes
stressed and depleted of its
antioxidant supply.
By supplementing with
Glutathione it has been shown
that people can achieve
remarkable improvements in their
athletic performance.
As we age our immune system
becomes weaker and more
susceptible to outside invaders.
It is well known that Glutathione is
a center piece of our immune
systems and can help to protect our
body from harm and damage.
It was discovered that when using
Glutathione Booster, within 24
hours the average increase in
Glutathione is over 300%
HIGHER than normal.
In comparison, Glutathione pills
and drinks only increase blood
levels by a meager 10%.
Like Glutathione, Carnosine is a
material found naturally in the
human body.
It is made of the amino acids
alanine and histidine.
Carnosine is an extremely
powerful nutrient, but unfortunately
as we age our Carnosine levels
start to decline.
Senility and Alzheimers disease are
thought to be linked to plaque
formation on the brain.
Studies on Carnosine have shown
that it is one of the protective
mechanisms of the microvasculature
of the brain, holding off the formation
of plaque.
As we age and our cells divide the
DNA becomes damaged and this
has a direct impact on how we look
and function.
Carnosine functions as an
antioxidant in the body, and studies
on Carnosine have shown that it
protects our cells DNA from
Studies on Carnosine show that it has
the ability to turn old cells into young and
healthy cells by repairing cellular
This may translate into a longer lifespan.
In the study performed (left), both of
these mice are the same age.
The difference is the one on the left has
been supplemented with Carnosine.
Studies on Carnosine have shown
that it has the ability to accelerate
wound healing through rejuvenation
of connective tissue.
A patent was issued in Europe for
using Carnosine for improving
athletic performance, endurance,
fatigue and treating muscular
The Y-Age Carnosine Booster
is a new and powerful method never
before available for elevating the
body's level of Carnosine.