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TITLE: Identification and Isolation of Neural Stem Cells and Neurosphere-Initiating Cells
INVENTORS: Sean Morrison and John Mich
TECHNOLOGY: Biological
UTSD: 2752
SUMMARY: This IPQ disclosed a method to identify and isolate simultaneously both neural
stem cells (NSCs) as well as neurosphere-initiating cells (NICs) (two mutually exclusive
populations) from adult mouse forebrain using a mix of commercially available antibodies and
flow cytometry. From adult mouse lateral ventricle subventricular zone (SVZ), NICs are
isolated and are highly mitotic in vivo and short-lived based on Ascl1CreERT2 and Dlx1CreERT2
fate-mapping. In contrast, a quiescent population of pre-GEPCOT cells could not form
neurospheres but express the stem cell markers and they are long-lived in vivo. While
GEPCOT NICs can be ablated by temozolomide (alkylating chemotherapy drug) treatment,
pre GEPCOT cells survive and repopulate the SVZ. These two distinct cell populations, once
isolated, can be directly studied in various assays of neural stem cell function, gene
expression, etc. Current isolation method involves special mouse strains with fluorescent
markers. It will take months to interbreed two fluorescent mutant strains into one of
interest. This technique might also be applicable to human brain samples in the future.
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