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11.3 Notes – Drug Use and Abuse
illegal drugs – substances it is against the law
for people of any age to manufacture,
possess, buy, or sell
drug abuse – use of a drug for nonmedical
Marijuana is made from the hemp plant
Slang for marijuana – “pot,” “weed,” “grass”
11.3 Notes – Drug Use and Abuse
– immediate effects: inability to think or speak
clearly, difficulty paying attention, short-term
memory loss, lack of coordination, slowed reaction
time, increased heart rate, increase appetite
“munchies,” sensitivity to sound and sight,
sadness or fearfulness
– long-term effects: problems with normal body
development, damages the immune system,
damages the cells that fight cancer, lung cancer,
anxious and feeling panic, psychological
dependence, possible inability to have children
11.3 Notes – Drug Use and Abuse
stimulants – drugs that speed up the body’s
– amphetamines – strong stimulant drugs that
speed up the nervous system
i.e. – “speed,” “cocaine,” “crack cocaine”
– side effect – increased heart rate – possible heart
depressants – drugs that slow down the
body’s functions and reactions, including heart
and breathing rates
11.3 Notes – Drug Use and Abuse
narcotics – drugs that relieve pain and dull the
– heroin, morphine, codeine
hallucinogens – drugs that distort moods,
thoughts, and senses (makes you hallucinate)
Club drugs: ecstasy, GHB
inhalants – substances whose fumes are
breathed in to produce mind-altering
– Sharpie markers, liquid white-out, spray paint