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Do Cell Phones Cause
Lakshmi Jagannathan
How Cell Phones Work
Making a call: Voice Radio Waves
Base Station
Receiving a call: Base Station Radio
Waves Voice
Radiowaves- Radiofrequency energy
Form of Non-Ionizing Radiation
Ionization: High levels of energy that cause
damage to biological tissues, including DNA
 Heats Tissue
 Damages Tissue
 Causes Diseases like Cancer
 Ex: Medical X-Ray= High Doses Pose
Electromagnetic Spectrum
When did this ‘concern’ start?
1993: David Reynard’s Lawsuit
Claimed that wife’s fatal brain tumor caused
by cell phones
Appeared on Larry King Live
Results: Case Dismissed for lack of scientific
and medical evidence
Significance: First to enter public domain
Second Major Trial
2000: Chris Newman’s $800 million lawsuit
Neurologist: Malignant tumor behind right ear
Court/Judge: 23-page ruling or “textbook” that
shows the court’s emphasis on scientific
Result: No evidence that cell phone caused
Significant: Another Major Setback for people
who claim that cell phones cause cancer
Animal Testing
1997: Test on Mice in Royal Adelaide Hospital,
Procedure: 200 mice- 100 exposed to pulsed
digital phone radiation; 100 controls
Significant increase in B-cells (implicated in 85% of all
After 18 months, exposed group had twice as many
Problem: Mice sometimes exposed to 20 hours
of radiation!! Therefore, not very comparable to
Significant Studies/Tests
Experiment: Patients with brain cancer were
compared to patients without brain cancer, in
terms of their past cell phone usage
1) Stockholm:
233 brain cancer patients diagnosed between 1994
and 1996 to 466 controls
2) New York, Providence, and Boston:
Conducted by American Health Association
469 brain cancer patients between 1994 and 1998 to
422 controls
Significant Studies/Tests
3) Phoenix, Boston, and Pittsburgh:
Conducted by U.S National Cancer Institute
782 cancer patients between 1994 and 1998
with 799 controls
4) Denmark: Largest Cohort Study
Attempted to Link 420,095 users
between 1982 to 1995 to Danish
Cancer registry
Results of Studies/Tests
Three Main Results:
1) Patients with brain cancer did not report more
cellular phone use overall than the controls. All
types of cancers and all locations were
2) None of the studies showed a "dose-response
relationship“: Brain Cancer didn’t increase with
more cell phone usage
3) No Clear Link between the side of the head that
the brain cancer occurred and where the cell
phone was used
Who Regulates Cell Phones?
FDA (Food and Drug Administration):
Responsible for monitoring electronic
products to ensure acceptable amounts or
raditation emission
FCC (Federal Communications
Places Limits on Radio emission waves from
all mobile phones
What can we make out of all of it?
Cell Phone: Relatively New Technology
Lack of Ionizing Radiation and Low Energy
Level Emitted: Unlikely that this device causes
Several well-designed and studies found no link
between cancer and cell phone
Some recent studies found a POSSIBLE link to
acoustic neuroma, a rare tumor that develops
behind the ears not a valid claim!
FDA says: “highly impossible”
John E. Moulder, Ph.D., a cancer researcher
and professor of radiation oncology at the
Medical College of Wisconsin says:
“From the physics standpoint [only 6/10 of a watt
emitted even if cell phone is right against the skull],
biological effects from mobile phones are
‘somewhere between impossible and implausible.’”
"Some people think the power emitted by the phones
is so low, it's a silly thing to research. But I think it
remains a legitimate area of study."
BioPro Technology EMF protection- for all household
Harmonizes frequencies and makes it less dangerous
Video- Dangers of EMF
Dangers of EMF and Cell Phones:
History of Cell Phones:
Dr. Moulder’s Research: Consumers' Research
Business Week
RCR Wireless News
Radiation Research
Pharmaceutical Representative
New Hampshire Business Review
Total Health
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