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Unit 3 Review Game
Economics and Politics
in the Middle East
Which two countries have parliamentary
democracy as their form of government?
Which country has a monarchy as the
form of government?
In which type of government is the power of the
MONARCH limited:
a Monarchy or a Constitutional Monarchy??
a form of government that is led by the head of the
political party with the most members in parliament
Which country has a theocratic republic?
A government that is run by religious leaders
is called a _____________.
Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey?
In which country is the HEAD OF GOVERNMENT
AND CHIEF OF STATE the same person?
Which country is the only one with a
BICAMERAL Legislature?
In which countries do citizens vote for
What is unique about the ROLE OF THE CITIZENS
in Saudi Arabia?
What 2 countries are loc COMMAND
In which countries is the law based on
In the counties of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran,
what religion is the basis of all their
All countries have what
kind of economic system?
In what economic system is there some aspect of
market, command, and traditional economics?
In what 2 countries is the MAIN EXPORT
Saudi Arabia
What country has a “shekel” as its currency?
Which country has POUND as its currency?
What country has a LIRA as its currency
and forbids any connection between
government and religion?
What 2 countries probably have the
highest standard of living
because they have the highes
GDP per capita?
The study of how a country provides goods and
services for its people is called ______?
_______ is when 2 or more countries
depend on each other for the goods and
services they need.
When there is a limited amount of a resource
such as water, then __________ of that
resource occurs.
A measure of how much of the goods and services
that the people of a place have that they need
is called ________ ___ ________.
GDP per Capita, Literacy Rate, Level of Economic
Freedom, Type of Employment, and
_________ _________ _________ are all used
to measure the Standard of Living of a
the number of people above the age of 15
who can read and write is called _______.
The people who make the goods are called
______________ resources.
The machines that are used to produce
goods and services are called
____________ goods.
The level of ____________ of a country is
determined by its GDP, literacy rate,
types of jobs that most people have.
A country in which most of the people
are employed in the AGRICULTURAL
INDUSTRY would probably be considered
_________ developed.
Taxes, tariffs, quotas, and sanctions are
all considered to be ________ ________.
Trade Barriers, like sanctions, are often caused by
__________ differences between countries.
The type of money a country used is called
its _____________.
When you change money from one country to
another’s it is called the
____________ _________.
Unicameral and Bicameral are 2 types of
_________________ branches.
A government by the people, for the people.
An economic system in which most goods
and services are related to