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SW Asia Political and Economic Systems Test Study Guide for the test on 11/6
(Students must get their study guide signed the day they receive them and bring them to class
to be checked for 5 bonus points on the test. If not signed a parent contact will be made to
determine why it was not given to the parent to get the extra credit.)
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1. Who is the most powerful elected official in Iran? The President
2. What kind of economies do the countries of Turkey, Iran, and Israel have? Mixed
3. What are weaknesses of a confederation? The national government only has the powers given
to it by the local governments. It operates as a loose association of members with a week
national government. It can be cumbersome to pass national laws with so much autonomy
retained at the local level.
4. What is a description of human capital? It is the skills and education citizen-workers have
5. What would be a couple of examples of capital investments a country could make to improve its
economy and GDP? Building power plants and transportation systems
6. How could the government of Saudi Arabia be labeled? It could be called a monarchy, unitary,
and an autocracy
7. What is a halt to trade with another country for political or economic reasons called? An
8. What is the BEST descriptor for the government of Saudi Arabia? A monarchy
9. What is the name of the legislature of Israel? The Knesset
10. What would be the best description of the economy of Saudi Arabia? Mixed Command
11. What is the purpose of OPEC? To regulate the price and production of oil of its members
12. What areas of Israel’s economy has their government invested heavily? Communications,
defense (military), and farming/agriculture
13. Who makes most of the important decisions in an oligarchy? A small group of leaders
14. How is the leader chosen in a Parliamentary Democracy? The political party with the most
members of the legislature picks the leader (usually the leader of their party)
15. What title does the ruler of Saudi Arabia have? King
16. What role do the citizens of Saudi Arabia have in the government? Little to none.
17. How has the king of Saudi Arabia used his wealth to change the country? He has invested in
improvements in transportation, education, health care, and agriculture
18. Why was OPEC started? To control the production and price of oil of its members
19. Where is most of the power held in a unitary form of government? In the national government
20. Which nation in SW Asia is the best example of a democracy? Israel
21. Which SW Asian country allows only men to vote in elections? Saudi Arabia
22. The citizens of which SW Asia nation have the most freedoms? Israel
23. Who is the Ayatollah? The Supreme Leader of Iran who is also a Shia religious leader
24. What is economic specialization? It is when a country produces the goods or services it can most
efficiently to trade for goods or services it cannot provide for itself from other countries
25. How has Israel dealt with its lack of oil? It has an economy that depends upon high technology
rather than natural resources such as oil
26. What do the governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have in common? All three have a
unitary system of government
27. What is a theocracy? The government places God as the supreme leader and bases its laws on
its religious text
28. What is Shariah law? Laws based upon the teachings of the Koran
29. Who is allowed to vote in Israeli elections? All citizens at least 18 years old
30. What is odd about the idea of Iran’s Theocratic Republic? It has an elected President and
Parliament with powerful religions leaders that have tremendous influence