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 Bond
 GDP per capita
 Budget deficit
 Inflation
 Budget surplus
 National debt
 Business cycle
 Personal income
 Capital project
 Price index
 Deflation
 Productivity
 Depression
 Prosperity
 Gross domestic product
 Recession
 Retail sales
 Recovery
 stock
 Unemployment rate
 Explain what a final good is and give an example
 Describe the main cause for unemployment
 List the four future economic challenges
 Outline the stages in the business cycle
 Gross domestic product
 Unemployment rate
 Consumer price index
 Retail sales
 Monthly measure of the sales of durable and non
durable goods bought by consumers
 Compares the prices of a group of selected items
each year to some earlier year
 The percentage of people in the labor force who are
willing to work, are looking for work but are unable to
find work
 The total dollar value of all final goods and services
produced each year in a country
 The most widely used measure of national output